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  • a message in which a speaker denies responsibility for a situation by placing blame on another person; the opposite of an "I" message.
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You Are the Message
You Are the Message
"You are the message." What does that mean, exactly? It means that when you communicate with someone, it's not just the words you choose to send to the other person that make up the message. You're also sending signals about what kind of person you are--by your eyes, your facial expression, your body movement, your vocal pitch, tone, volume, and intensity, your commitment to your message, your sense of humor, and many other factors.

The receiving person is bombarded with symbols and signals from you. Everything you do in relation to other people causes them to make judgments about what you stand for and what your message is. "You are the message" comes down to the fact that unless you identify yourself as a walking, talking message, you miss that critical point.

The words themselves are meaningless unless the rest of you is in synchronization. The total you affects how others think of and respond to you.

*You & You* A message for you =)
*You & You* A message for you =)
This is a dedicated peom to all of you ^________^ .. special dedication to my dear friends "u know yourself don't you ;)".. this peom was the 2nd best birthday gift that I got =").. very touchy ... Made me really speechless, specially that it came from one of my teachers whom I consider as a special friend ^____^ .. I'm really sorry that I wasn't able till now to reply your sweet comments "thanks ALOT" I'm OVERloaded this week with homeworks and quizes *_* .. your prayers ....... True true, great people don’t have to do; They don’t have to think, they don’t have to pretend; All they have to do is, be just like you; Give and take is not what they can do; All they want to do is, be just like you; You are a school of giving, people can’t do without; Giving endlessly today tomorrow and forever, is what you’re all about; To give with no return is hard to pretend; You’re a school of giving, I wish I could attend; You give your all for all, you give with no return; Allah will be with you, with yu until the end; Please listen, just listen to my humble say; Your kindness is not ordinary, it’s flooding the Fresco bay; You give and give and give, and don’t expect return; may Allah be with you, and rewards you 10 times what you intend; It’s true true, this is all about "you and you"; When I grow up whisper, I wanna be like you; =)
Thank You to Our Soldiers
Thank You to Our Soldiers
During the last week of classes before Christmas break, Ms. Amanda Bristol, BES’s art teacher, asked each student to write on a Christmas card an expression of gratitude to our soldiers and thank them for their services to the United States of America. Students also hand painted holiday scenes on the cards. These cards were mailed to soldiers in Iraq in the hopes that these students’ messages and artwork will brighten the lives of the soldiers as they serve our country in a foreign land.
Photo by A. Bristol
thank you message for teacher
You Have Seven Messages
It's been a year since Luna's mother, the fashion-model wife of a successful film director, was hit and killed by a taxi in New York's East Village. Luna, her father, and her little brother, Tile, are still struggling with grief.

When Luna goes to clean out her mother's old studio, she's stunned to find her mom's cell phone there—charged and holding seven unheard messages. As Luna begins to listen to them, she learns more about her mother's life than she ever wanted to know . . . and she comes to realize that the tidy tale she's been told about her mother's death may not be the whole truth.