"I want to explain what "thanks forgive others me" means. I always struggled with my prayer life... I did not think I knew how to pray, how to make time to pray, or how to pray with respect to my best friend and savior. It was so difficult to concentrate during prayer time and not get distracted. As I struggled in life and my Christian walk, I was reading a self-help book about 20 years ago and one of the topics was prayer. It gave a cool recommendation on "how to" pray. There's not a right or wrong way to pray, but for Christians struggling with consistent prayer life, this was cool advice. It recommended the "thanks forgive others me" template. First, thank the lord for all my blessings. Start talking to God by thanking him and glorifying him. Then clear the air-ask for forgiveness of sins. Get the items in my life separating me from God out in the open and off my back. Be honest and specific.  Now put others needs ahead of my own and pray for family, friends, etc. Then last, ask and pray for my own needs. So why "thanks forgive others me" as a prayer template?  Spending time with God and talking and listening is the foundation-almost the key to unlocking the door to true spiritual joy."

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