About myself

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Do you know?

  • My favourite musician is Mozart
  • My favourite football player is Eric Cantona
  • My birthday is Isaac Newton's birthday. Perhaps one day there's something which called "Doan Chien Thang's apple" :))
  • The most difficult hardship in my life is getting up early in the morning
  • The task that I know very indispensable but I've never tried my best is learning English new words

Curriculum Vitae

My full name:

         Doan Chien Thang

My birthday: 4th January, 1984

        4th January, 1984

My address:

        22E2, Alley 562, Thuy Khue, Hanoi

My emails:

My phone numbers and mobile:

  • (04)7539111
  • I haven't got any mobiles

My most unforgettable memories:

  • The time I had to go to 103 Army Medical Corps Hospital
  • And important milestones of my life

My idols:

  • Professor Donald Ervin Knuth
  • Mathematicians: Leonard Euler, K.F.Gauss
  • President Ho Chi Minh
  • Physicists: Albert Einstein, Marie Cuire, Issac Newton


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