Final Countdown

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  •  Countdown sharing to Facebook, Tweeter, etc.. (v3.05).
  •  Recurring events (v3.00+)
  •  Customizable skins (v3.00+).
  •  Count Up (v3.00+)
  •  2x1 and 4x1 Widgets
  •  Shows days, hours, minutes, seconds.
  •  12 widget skins preloaded.
  •  Supports multiple countdowns.
  •  Low CPU usage.
  •  Reminder alerts.

Adding Widgets for Android 

3.x+ (

Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly Bean) 

  1. Touch the All Apps icon on your Home screen.
  2. Touch Widgets tab at the top of the screen.
  3. From the main Widgets screen, you can
  4. Move between screens to find Final Countdown: Swipe left or right.
  5. Drag a countdown widget to a Home screen: Touch and hold the widget's icon, slide your finger where you want to place it, and lift your finger.
  6. Choose an event to activate widget.

Adding Widgets for Android 1.x, 2.x

  1. Long-click on an empty space of your home screen.  
  2. Select Widgets from Add to Home screen.
  3. Select Final Countdown.
  4. Select an event from Events list.

Troubleshoot widgets freezing

Task Killer/Task Manager apps can cause countdown widgets to freeze.  If you have any of them installed, configure them to ignore Final Countdown.

ICS has a bug that can also cause widgets to freeze.  If you have ICS please upgrade to Jelly Bean.

Edit Events

  1. From Events screen, click on Edit toggle button on top to turn on edit mode.
  2. Click on the edit icon to the left of event to edit.
  3. Edit event and click on Done button to save.

Event time off an hour

Final Countdown accurately calculates the remaining time to the event and it also takes Daylight Savings into account.  Events may appear to be an hour off if either the current time or target time lands within DST time period. 

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