Thando will take you on an exciting tour through the Bongolethu Township where you will see the most interesting places and meet the warmest people. You will get an insight in the consequences of forced removal by the apartheid government and see how the people live these days. Thando provides Day Tours and the Evening Township Tour that is specially designed to provide the clients with night life experience; hence Oudtshoorn has limited evening activities for its visitors so after a long day of touring the town this is an excellent opportunity to relax and have fun as the tour also visits the shebeens (taverns) to socialize and have fun with the local people in one of the safest townships in South Africa. Thando will be your hop on Guide as he a registered site guide.

Thando Abrahams (30) has been living in Bongolethu for all his life. He can talk about Bongolethu for hours and share the interesting facts and stories about this special area of Oudtshoorn. Thando is very involved in Bongolethu.

Because Bongolethu has only+- 23 000 inhabitants, the atmosphere is much like a little village where everybody knows each other. Therefore the township is very safe. Bongolethu is a previously disadvantaged Township but the people have their own pride and will always show their famous hospitality.

Highlights of the tour
The township tour will take you to various places in Bongolethu which includes the following highlights:

a visit inside a shack

some of the 30 churches

a typical township store

the old and the new schools

a visit to a real Sangoma (traditional healer – optional@R25pp)

some of the Shebeens (taverns)

an educational walk through Bongolethu

           traditional cooked meal


To experience Bongolethu with Thando we ask you to make a reservation (at least one day before intended visit) by contacting Thando Abrahams on 076 390 5303 or E-mail:thando.abrahams@gmail.com
Duration and prices
The township tours start daily at 09:00 and the last tour departs at 17:00. Tours take about 1½ hours. The price for the tour is R 150 per person. If you want a traditional Xhosa cultural experience including a meal, the total price will be R 235 per person, group rates also available on booking.

(Prices include VAT and are subject to change).

GROUP OF 10 = R2350 incl a meal.

GROUP OF 10 = R1350 excl a meal.

GROUP OF 15 = R3300 incl a meal.

GROUP OF 15 = R1950 excl a meal.

GROUP OF 20 = R4100 incl a meal.

GROUP OF 20 = R2400 excl a meal.

Please note that all payments are done at the end of the tour (preferable).

If there are any questions or you have doubts please contact Thando and let him answer your questions and convince you to experience wonderful Bongolethu.
Thando’s Township Tours

Cell: +27 76 390 5303