Children's Ministry
Children are the future and here at Tha MYX our goal is to bring up children with Godly teachings and principles. We want to plant the seed in them when they are young so they can blossom in to there true purpose, knowing the word of God in their hearts. Please check back for future updates on starting dates.

Men's Ministry

We need men to walk the streets again with a higher purpose than just learning how to survive in these streets, so the men of Tha MYX conduct a weekly prayer walk in Oak Cliff.  Please join us!  For more information about our various times and locations for the weekly prayer walk please contact Mayson Minor.

Hip Hop Ministry
Hip Hop is no longer a music genre, but a MOVEMENT!  We at Tha MYX are committed to connecting with the Hip Hop Generation and making disciples.  Come back to this spot as we develop more resources and opportunities to reach out to the Hip Hop Movement.

Womens Ministry
As a new church plant our goal is to develop a Woman's ministry that will meet lady's right where they are.  We are currently looking for a Woman's Ministry Leader to take the Woman of our community to the next level.  If interested in connecting with us, please contact Pastor Fred.

Couple's Ministry
In todays age we need to show couples how to "stick it out". Today's society now makes divorce as common for most people as changing their socks. We strive to educate our couples that working together and only together they can over come the hardships that often come with a life time commitment.  Please check back for future updates on starting dates.

Single's Ministry
Being single is hard enough, but being Christian and single these days is even tougher. With the media constantly bombarding us with sexual based imagery, vulgarity, substance abuse is engcouraged and the constant ideals that sex outside of marriage is "natural". It is very hard to distinguish truth from fiction. We at Tha MYX want our young and older singles to know we understand these hardships and strive to help educate you to confront these temptations in realistic ways. Please check back for future updates on starting dates

Martial Art's Ministry
Martial Arts play a huge role in helping developing self confidence and balance in ones life. Here at Tha MYX we encourage growth in all aspects including the arts. Soon we will be offering martial arts classes based on Ninjutsu principles.

Youth Ministry
Youth ministry is a place where middle and high school students can have fun learning practical ways to walk out the Christian life.
Our Goal and mission is to connect Each student to God and to others; and to train them up to be Salt and Light. 
For more information Please contact Jasmine Minor-