The Thameswey Club Challenge

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These are the Challenge Logbooks

Bronze Challenge Logbook   - Click here to download

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Gold Challenge Logbook   - Click here to download

About Our Club Challenge

If you would like to talk about the Club Challenge, please contact Daniel Jones, Val Grutzmacher, Dave Gillingham, Tom Mellor or Matt Stephenson  (see contacts).


The Club Challenge is an Award Scheme encouraging members to increase their skills in Paddling, but also to get involved through Teamwork, Leadership and 'Supporting the Club'. It is open to all members and starts with the Bronze Award scheme and then moves on to the Silver and, finally, Gold.

To become a Challenger

At the beginning of the season, you will receive an email, with the appropriate challenge log book attached, asking if you would like to join the challenge for that season. If you accept… then you will receive monthly emails reminding you to update your log book to show how you are progressing towards completing tasks and learning new skills. You can always change your mind, just let one of the Club Challenge Team know.


Bronze Scheme All challengers achieving Bronze receive a certificate and a TCC hoody with their name on it J.

For Silver and Gold, there are awards for Young Challengers (18 and under), older Challengers do it for the certificate and glory alone!

Silver Scheme – a certificate and the ‘Silver Weekend’ at Biblins campsite which is one of the best places in Southern Britain for young people to enjoy outdoor education in spectacular scenery.

Gold Scheme – successful Challengers are supported to plan and take part in a canoe and camping expedition. A typical expedition would be a four day paddling and camping trip on the Wye.

How it Works

All Challengers start with Bronze and work towards Gold. They have their own log book for Bronze, Silver or Gold as appropriate. There are three sections in each log book, they cover Paddling, Club and Teamwork/Leadership. For each of the sections you devise and agree, with a Club Challenge Team Leader, suitably challenging activities. You record the agreed activities in your log book and then work to complete them. To gain the award, each item needs to be signed off by a coach or committee member in your log book. There are two ways you can do this:

1. Hardcopy - You can print your log book, store it in the Clubhouse, in the Club Challenge folder, and ask people to sign-off activities at the Lake Sessions.

2. Electronic copy - you can return your electronic log book to Yvonne who will organise sign-off for you and keep a tally of progress.

Once the Leaders have signed off all of your activities in each of the three categories you have completed that scheme!


There’s lots of help along the way. Seek out Leaders from the Club Challenge Team at the next lake session, they will guide you through every step – just ask. The Leaders will explain how to get started and you can try your ideas on them to see if they are challenging enough. Taking on the Challenges will be fun and will get you involved in Club activities. It won’t always be easy – but that will make success all the sweeter!

Example – The Bronze Scheme

  • Download and print your Bronze Scheme log book.
  • At the top, fill in your name and date of birth, plus the date you start the scheme and, later, the date you complete it.
  • Paddling section - Take one full paddling awards (like the Paddlepower Passport) or 6 different Club activities that increase your Paddling skills. Record them in your log book.
  • Club Support section – Take on three different tasks to help the Club and record them in your log book.
  • Teamwork and Leadership section – Take on three different activities where you are involved in a team or act as a leader. Record them in your log book.

Does this all sound difficult? Don’t worry! The second page of your log book has lots of ideas for you to consider under each of the categories so have a good read before you go to the lake to join up. Enjoy!

The Challenge is for all our members, YOUNG and OLD. Talk to us, ask for a log book or download from the link above.

The challenge team:


                                                      Daniel Jones                                        Val Grutzmacher