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Thamswey club challenge

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The Club and YOUR Data

Recent legislation has given you more control on how your data is retained and used.

The Club needs information about you to control your membership and communicate with you.

It is important that you tell the Club if you are happy for us to use your data for Club related matters.  You should have received an email on 5th May which you need to respond to.  Make sure you fill it in and return it.

The information on page two of that emailed document has been included on our Documents page.  Click on this link to see it 'GDPR Compliance Document'.


This year the Club is aligning itself more fully with British Canoeing guidelines on how trips away from the lake are set up, organised and controlled.
The new system will be largely controlled by the responsible Club Officers but members have responsibilities too.  In particular you need to do the following:
  • Make sure you respond to trip invitations quickly and clearly.  Include the names of those wishing to take part, the equipment required and where your party will join the group (normally lake or get-in).  If you need a lift or are able to provide lifts for members and their kit please say.
  • If you can't make it on the day let the Trip Officer know.
  • If you are running late let the Trip Officer know.
  • MAKE SURE you bring your Membership Cards with you.  From now on you will NOT be allowed to launch with the group if you fail to present your cards.
  • If you are a driver make sure you check with the leaders on how the shuttle is being run and what is required of you.  The normal aim is to get as many cars to the get-out as possible.
  • Once the trip ends make sure you retrieve your membership cards.  This enables the leader to account that everyone is off the water.
There is a couple of documents about trips on our Document Page.  Why not take a look so you are bang up to date?


Thameswey Canoe Club has Clubmark status.  This is a nationally recognised award issued by Sport England.

From the Clubmark website:- 
  • Clubmark is the Sport England mark of high quality junior sports clubs.
  • Clubmark is the stamp of approval to which all sports clubs aspire.
  • Clubmark represents high quality, safety, fair and focussed support for young people.
  • As a single, national standard, Clubmark gives sports clubs of all types structure and direction.
  • Clubmark is endorsed by all the main sporting, youth and education agencies involved in the delivery of sporting opportunity for young people.
  • Clubmark stands for:

            ACTIVE ...            getting the best out of young people
            ACCESSIBLE...   giving everyone a sporting chance
            ACCREDITED...   the Sport England mark of                                                        high 

To learn more about Clubmark, please visit www.clubmark.org.uk
To see the TCC certificate please click here
This award demonstrates and recognises the good work that is being undertaken by all the committee members, coaches and volunteers associated with Thameswey Canoe Club - a true Team Effort!

Our Website & Page Hits
Our website is hosted by Google.  Google are phasing down their hosting services.  It means, in the short term, that there may be occasional blips on our website as functions are reduced. 

Eventually we will need to rebuild the website with a new hosting service.

Many of our page Hit Counters have stopped working.  I have put new ones on each page and they will start from zero on 9th Nov 2017.


All the information you need to be a most excellent Equipment Volunteer can be found in a new document on our Documents web page.

See Equipment Volunteer Guidelines on our Documents page.


The committee have just reviewed risk for:
  • Jetty jumping
  • Lake slide
  • SUPs
  • Supervised paddling at the lake.
  • Unsupervised paddling at the lake.
  • River trips.
  • Sea kayaking.
  • General site safety.
  • Swimming pool
DID YOU KNOW?  When the Club travels away from the lake we carry a Group Shelter.  A place to shelter when cold or poorly.

Everyone has a responsibility for their own safety.  Please take the time to consider the risks and then play your part to minimise them.

See the Documents page




Our Club Handbook has been refreshed and updated.  It will provide you with all the information you need about Thameswey CC.  Follow this link to see and/or download the Handbook.


Check out all the latest information about the Club Challenge on the dedicated page (click here).  Or contact Daniel Jones.

Members!  Have You Got Club Kit At Home?

Any equipment borrowed should be signed out in the loans book, this is kept in the club house. On return it needs to be signed back in! All boats have an individual identity number inside their cockpit / canoe that needs to be noted in the loans book too. It would be helpful if everyone could please follow procedure.

Please check the kayaking / canoeing kit, that you have at home, to make sure you are not hanging onto any club kit.
Currently the Club is missing:
  • Boat straps
  • Bibs
  • Buoyancy aids
  • Helmets
  • Spray decks
If you find some Club gear please let Jamie Taylor know and return them to the Club store at the lake.

Thameswey CC Membership for 2019
The waiting list for the Club is currently closed.

All new members must enrol for a 1 Star training course at the same time as they join the Club.  There is a £20 fee for the 1 Star course.  If you already have skills or qualifications of that standard then we ask you to undertake a 1 Star Assessment - the fee is £5. 

The Membership Secretary thamesweymembership@gmail.com

Interested in learning freestyle/playboating skills?

Play boating is a fun and exciting way of developing your moving water skills. Fun in its own right but also useful river running skills to know how to surf waves and get out of that stopper you get stuck in.

Q1 - Would you be interested in some training sessions with a specialist coach at a play spot if we set this up - 1. over the next year 2. in perhaps a couple of years

Q2 - If we had a few specialist play boats (e.g a much lighter carbon boat) would you be interested in 1. participating in some try out/training sessions at the lake or 2.developing competition paddling

Contact Nick Cartwright