Here you will find links to some useful web sites. If you know of a site that may be of use please let us know on the message board and we'll stick it up.

Recording Your Finds

Portable Antiquities Scheme or PAS. Search database and finds recording -
UK Detector Finds Database. Search database and finds recording - UKDFD

Identifying Finds

Specialist sites

Chinese Coins -
Traders Tokens - View online versions of the Williamson Part I and Part II 1889 and Jacob Henry Burns 1855 catalogues. These books are still used for conclusive identification for a large number of 17thC traders tokens

General Browsing

English Weights and measures - English Weights and measures 
British Historical Medals 1760-1960 - British Historical Medals 1760-1960
Livery Buttons - livery buttons identified
Bag/cloth Seals -
Clay Pipes - Dawnmist
U.S Buttons, Buckles and Relics -
British silver thimbles - ukdfd.thimbles
Mr Pepys' small change

The home of Thames Archaeology  Thames Discovery Programme