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2016 Programme 

Ts/In/ Cir  No 28                                                                    Programme                                                                   10-6-2015                                                                      
1) Fiancial  Aid to Poor Students  for 2015



Approx  No.
Of Stiudents

Day - Date & Time


Thambraas  Indira  Nagar Unit Office

H.No  1  (2nd Floor Flat)  22nd  Cross Street  (Off 3rd  Main Road)  Indira  Nagar, Chennai 20.


40   to 50


3.00 P.M.  to
5.00 P.M.

2) During the last few  Years, though our Circulars were sent  to   400  to 500  Life Members / patrons  and  other Thambraas  Offece -bearerss  Of District  and other units, hardly 10 to 15  only attended the  the meeting . Children and their Parents  and I. N. Unit  E.C members only attended. So it is decided   not to have any Meeting or Speeches  this Year onwards . Financial Aid to Students only will be distributed at the Venue, on Date and Time specified. Interested Members are welcome to attend the meeting.
3) Financial Aid distributed during the last 3 Years    

Sl No



No of Students

No of Families

Amount Rs



















4)  Donation received   from 45  Life  members and patrons -                          Rs 81,403
          ii)  Education Aid paid on 6-7-14                                                                Rs 44,800     
          iii) I. N. Women”s Assn  Incidental  Expences  for the  Function     
              (Hall Rent, Tiffen) for members , Students, and Parents                    RS  3,310   
          iv) Total    Expenditure-        ii and iii   -                                                    Rs 48,110
           v) Net Excess of Income over expenditure                                              Rs 33,293 
          vi) Old S.B A/c balance Savings, & interest added to raise the Corpus Fund-    Rs 5.10 
         vii)  Members may kindly  donate feasible  amounts to  meet Edn Aid and raise Corpus f und to Rs 6.00 Lakhs , Where after there may be no need to seek  Donations from Members. 

5) Three elderly Members  of Ex-Committee  aged above  70  have been  have been  managing this arduous Work  from 1990 . Therefore, it has been decided to constitute 
“An Education Trust” to manage this Prestigious  project.  Members interested in serving in the Trust may give their Names, Address, Phone nos and E-Mail .I.D to be contacted.  

6) Adyar Yoga club under I.N.unit of Thambraas founded in 1991 has been conducting Yoga classes for all members. It is continued in I.N. Women’s Assn and Youth Hostel by trained Instructors. The Gen Secretary can be contacted  for details.

7) Vasthra  Dhan for Deepavali---Sarees/ Dhoties to poor elderly Brahmin Members were distributed Before Deepavaali  in Nov 2014  (  Continued from 2011 )      
8) A donation of Rs 5,oo1/ was  collected from some Members and  given as Marriage aid to Sow. S.Latha, Daughter of Sri Sampath Iyengar and  Sow. Kamala (Poor Family  at Rukmani Nagar, Chennai20)    Marriage held on 23/2/15  at Mysore,         
9) See Page iii (ATTACHMENT)

10) Service Activities of Units of  Chennaai Dist  and Chennai Dist.

      1)  Panjanga patanam conducted and Panjangams distributed  to all members by Mandaveli, Adyar, Thiruvanmiyur, Besant nagar Mylapore and other Units in Chennai dist.
      2) Mylapore unit  arranged Thanneer Pandal on the eve of of 63 var Festival in Apri 15. 
      3) Ladies wing of Chennai Dist  organized a grand Magalir Mela at J.Y.M. Kalyana Mandapam  T.Nagar on 25-4—15  depicting our Culture & traditions. Large no Of Ladies , Unit  Members and  State-Body  Leaders   attended  
      4) Thiruvanmiyur Unit  conducted Samashti Upanayanam for a group of on 10-5-2015 at Amara Bharathi Kalyana mandapam.              
11)  Thambraas (Regd) is publishing and distributing a Monthly Magazine, titled” Andhanar Kural”  detaling  all Programmes/ Service Activities of all Units, Districts etc, Annual Subscription-Rs 200/Life Subcription Rs 1,800/. All Members are requested to contribute to it. A Matrimonial Book-Let is also given as supplement every month.

12) Thambraas  H.Q.  Building  at Chennai------State Body of Tha mbraas (Regd) under the presidenship Of  Sri.S.Sriraaman, is planning construction of a Building  at Chennai to cater to all  needs of  our expanding Assoiation  by January 2016. He has taken an ambitious Project very essential for growth and Strengthof  an Association. ( Which his Predecssors could not take up in 30 Years of its existence0 All Members are requested to contribute their mite  to  the Gen Secretary I.N.Unit to be forwarded to
State Body

13) Thambraas Salem District through  Nandavanam  Welfare Trust  is inaguraing  Gnanavapi at 10.00 AM  on Sunday 7-6-2015  at second Agraharam Salem  636001

14) Religious Service----
Sri  cchidambareswara Sastrigal has come forward to  serve I.N.UnIt in all Ways possible.
He can coduct all religious Functions, including all kinds of Homams, Veda Parayanam, Rudram, Chamakam  Classes  etc Contact  Address----Sri. Chidambareeswara   Sastrial  C/O Sri Iswara  Sastrigal, H.B.Flat No. 54/2     15th Lane,  Indira  Nagar  Chennai 20 Cell Nos-----1) 9087193106  2)8056624045  3)9840234418

TEL Narasimhan

M.R.Anantha Narayanan


Smt. Annapuraini  Subramanian

Gen Secretary
Ph 24419544       

Ph -24452771

Secretary : Youth Wing   
Ph-42013101 /
Cell -  9382649337

Secretary :Ladies  Wing

Wg.Cdr  R.Natarajan







PPh- 24417164

Copies forwarded to
1}all Life-Members/ Patrons of I.N.unit 
2) Presidents/ Secretaries/ Treasurer of State Body /  Chennai  District / Units of Chennai District


Thambraas INDIRANAGAR UNIT  conducted THIRUVILAKKU POOJAI at its office >

2nd Floor,  No.1 22nd Cross Street, Indira Nagar, (off 3rd Main Road) on 2.1.2015 > Photos taken by

Shri TEL Narasimhan 


Ts/In/ Cir No 26                                                                                                                                             Date:8.12.2014 
                                                                       Programme for Dec 2014 to  Jan 2015 
The Programmes Scheduled to be held are detailed below: 


Nature of  Programme

By whom conducted

Dates  /
Days Time



Devotional Songs              

Siva  Sakthi  Bhajan  Group Smt. Radha  Viswanathan   Ph -24916098-                       Smt. Rajalakshmi  Viswanathan

20-12. 2014     

5.00 to 6.30  P.M

Indira Nagar Unit Office
2nd floor 
No 1, 22nd Cross St,
Indira Nagar
(off 3rd main Road)



Indira  Nagar  Women”s  Assn. Bhajan  Group                    
Smt. Vijaya  Krishnamurthy        
Ph-   LL -24521064

Saturday                        20-12. 2014                   5.00 to 6.30  P.M

Same  Venue


Thiru Vilakku  Pujai

Lady Members (Suhasinis)
Of  Indira Nagar Unit and 
Adyar  Yoga Club 

Friday                             o2-o1-2015
5.00  to  6.30 

Same  Venue

Note 1
(1) Members interested in participating in Vilakku Pujai have to register their names  by Monday 23rd Dec’14 with their         Residenial addresses L.L. Ph No , Mobile No E.mail Id ( if  any) and payment of Rs 150/ per member To Treasurer,
      Gen Secretary , President , Secretary Ladies  Wing or  Advisor (Addreses on page-2 and obtain Receipts. 
(2) They should be present at the Venue punctually at 4-30 P.M. on 2-1-15 with the receipts 
(3) They have to bring – 
       * Brass Lamp- 1No of 2-3 feet Height.
       * Brass / E.S Plates -2 Nos
       * Tumbler with Uttharuni (Spoon) 
       * Indira Nagar unit will arrange to supply Oil. Wicks (thiri) Camphor, Agar Bhattis,  
          matches Flowers etc 
       * Thamboolam with Blouse Bit and Prasadams will be distributed to Ladies
          at the end of the Puja. 
       * Ladies may attend the Pujai in Traditional attire, if possible. Not mandatory 
       * All participants are requested to co-operate Peacefully for the conduct of the Function 

1) Services in Brief
        i) Financial Aid of Rs.44,800/ was distributed to 41 students (Boys & girls) From 23 poor Families on 6-7-’14 for                  purchase of Books /part paymen of Fees etc [for the 26th Year in succession 
       ii) A Donation of Rs 81,403/ was collected from 47 Life and patron members of I.N.Unit for Education Aid in 2014. 
            After meeting aid and related expences, Savings with earlier S.B.A/C balance, was credited to Corpus Fund in                 I.O.B. Indira nagar raisng it to 5.15 Lakhs.  
       iii) Dhoies and Sarees were distributed to 9 Families for Deepavali on 17-10-2014. 
       iv) Yoga classes are conducted in I.N. Women”s Assn, Youth Hostel and Administrative Office of I.N.Unit
            (From 1991) Membership is enrolled from among them also. Please refer to Sl.No 6 of Ts/In/Cir No 25 /dt.1.6.'14.
        v) Membership --Present membership of patrons/life members is 474 after deletions of expired and  transferred members All members may help in increasing it to 500 initially and 1000 later.
       vi) Most of the items of Expences  reflected in Receipt and expenses A/C of 2013—2014  are managed out of Interest accruing from  Fixed Deposit of Rs 2.10 lakhs. in Corporation Bank.The Corpus Fund can be raised only by increased  Membership.  All members may kindly help in enrolling Non-members. 
           # Chennai District Thambraas celebrated  34th year- Awakening Day—(Ezuccui Nal) of Thambraas (Regd) on
16-11-2014 in a grand manner. All units of district participated.  A Vizhaa Malar detailing all activities of Units was
released at the Function, Copies are being distributed to Members


General   Secretary

Secretary- Women”s wing

Secretary-Youth Wing

No 69, 5th lane
Indira Nagar  
Ph 24452771                  

T.E.L Narasimhan      
No 25, 4th cross St,
Ph 24419544                 

Smt.Annapurani Subramanian
No 35, Yamuna,
1st main Road
Indira Nagar-

Flat T-4,Malligai  Apartments
No 43 !st Avenue
Indira Nagar                  
I Ph-42013101 / 8438165570

Vice Presidents



Wg.Cdr. R.Natarajan

No 43/21, 1st main Road
Indira Nagar


H.No 12,  21st Cross Street
Indira Nagar

Ph-24411593 /


No 73/35, Flat B,
Abhirami Royale
!st Avenue Indira Nagar,
 Ph : 42117017 / 9841068594

Prashant Apts,  No 8/6,
22nd Link Street Indira nagar 
Chennai 20  Ph-24417164/
E.mail  I.D.
yogamadhan @ gmail.com

Copies forwarded to
  i) All Patrons/Life members-I.N.Unit ii) Chennai Dist Thambraas— President, Gen.Secretary,Treasurer, 
Secretaries - Youth wing, ladies wing iii) President, General Secretary Of State Body—Thambraas 
1v) Uni presidents and Secretaries - Chennai District;


Ts/In/ Lr  No 1   dated    11-11- 2014                                                                                                                                
Events, Services and Activities Programmes

1) Indira  Nagar  Unit was inaugurated  among a no of Units  in Chennai Dist in 1984.  
It remained dormant with no Activities 
with a Bank-Balance of  Rs23/-  till 1988.

The Unit was revived  in 1988 By  S/S  Aravamudhan, TEL.Narasimhan and 
M.R.Ananthanarayanan. Membership 
 was enrolled 
 in Indira nagar and other Areas 
Of Chennai District, Other cities of India, and some abroad like London, U.S.A.,
Singapore  and  Germany. Total Life  and Patron  Membership increased to more than 750. 
before 3 years  
After deleting Expired and Members who shifted Residence without  addresses 
present Membership stands at 474  are also conducted  

2) Finances  We have invested 
Rs 2.10 Lakhs in F.D. in  Corp oration  Bank- and  
Rs..5.15 Lakhs in F.D. in I.O.B  Indira nagar after meeting all 
maintenance Expences of Unit, and Education Aid  to Students  for last 25 years.

3) Education Aid to Students—On 6=7-14, and later an Amount of Rs 44,800/ 
was distributed to 41 Students—Boys and Girls 
from  23 Families. This Aid for cause of Education of the Poor  Students  is continued  for last 25 years

4) Deepavali –From 2012, New clothes, Dhoties and Sarees are distributed  to 
10 to 12 Members. This it was distributed  
on 10-10-2014. In a simple Function

5) Yoga  Classes are conducted  under the Title of  “ Adyar Yoga Club”  under the Auspices of Thambraas –Indira nagar Unit  as a Service Activity from 1991 in different Venues   From 1995, They are conducted at I.N. Women” S  Association and
Youth Hostel Indiranagar for Ladies ,Gents,  and Students. More than 6000 Members 
have been benefitted till now.  
We were able to enroll more than 300  Life and Patron 
Members from among them. For  Indira Nagaar Unit.

6) A Friend and benovalen  Member of Indira nagar Unit has spared a Mini Flat with a 
Room, Hall and Bath room for use of 
Idira Nagar Unit   free of Rent. Many cultural, Religius 
Functions   and E.C. meetings   are  conducted there for last 3 years

Special Yoga classes
.,  are conducted   For ladies  on  Tuesdays and Thursday 
Evenings, and  for Gents and Students on Saturday and Sunday Mornings 
Free of Subscription by Sri S.Aravamudhan  Yoga  master.

7) In October 14  before Deepavali,  donation of Rs 500/  was sent to each of the  following Orphanages,service Institutions:
             1) Sivananda Ashramam Kattankulathur 
             (2) Bala mandirT.Nagar,   
             (3) Vishranthy –Old Age Home for destitute Ladies, 
             (4)  Avai Home-Res School f
or Poor Girls in Adyar 
             (5)  Matha Trust for care od Cancer Patients 
             (6) Senior citizens Home 
Managed by Thambraas- 
Salem Dist at Chinna Tiruppati   
             (7) This service is continued for last 10 Years.
             (8)  Donatio n was collected and given for Marriage  of 2 Poor Girls. Mangal Sutras obtained from Philanthropic                                 Members were given to  7  Girls  fr marriage from Poor Families in the past Periods.
             (9)  Indira nagar Unit had received awards and Certificates for good Performance 
From State-Body and
                   Chennai District. 
Sri S.Aravamudhan  Advisor of 
Indiraa nagar Unit, Chennai District and State-Body was honoured  with 
Beeshmachariar Award in 2009  and Sansthapak Award  on 24-11-2003 
During Awakening Day Celebrations by Chnnai District Thambraas 
for 33 Years of Yeomen Service rendered  tor Braahmin community
             10) Out of 53 Units constituted  between 1982 to 1986,in Chennai district Only  16 are with Regd Thambraas now. Indira Nagar Unit has been supportive 
of   State-Body and Chennai Dist Thambraas   in  all Welfare Activities since 1988.
             11) INdira Nagar Unit contributed Rs 10,800/  for Sri Ramanujam Manimandapam 
Being constructed  at Salem. An amount of Rs 10,000/  will be donated to 
State Body for construction  Of H.Q. Building  at Chennai  on constituting 
a Trust  proposed. Some collection has been made till now.

             12) 1000 copies are printed twice in a Year detailing  all information  regarding 
Activities programmes, membership, Finances etc of Indira nagar , other Units District and 
State-Body f and distributed to  700 odd  Members/ Non-Members of Brahmin community 
For popularizing Thambraas   A copy of latest   circular dated 1-6- 14 is enclosed for infn

             13) Future Programmes-  
                   The following  Programmes are scheduled to be held  at Admn Officeof I.N.Unit at NO 1 , 22nd Cross  Street ,
                    Indira nagr  during the auspicious Month of Margazhi 
(16-12-2014  to 15-1-2015) 
                1) Bhajan by Sivasakthi  Group of Ladies on Saturday 20- 12-2014  from 5.00 P.M. to 6.30 P.M
                2) Bhajan by Indira Nagar Women”s Associaion - Group of ladies on Saturday 27-12- 2014 
From 5.00 PM to 6.30 
                3) Thiruvilakku Pujai by Ladies of Thambraas and Adyar Yoga Club  from 5.00 P.M. to 6.30 P.m.
on Saturday 3-1-2015

TEL.Narasimhan                       T.Seshadri                                       S.Aravamudhan
Gen Secretary                           President.                                           Advisor         

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 Click to view List of Officebearers 2010>2013