Cross-cultural problems and solutions

Problem and solution

    The two countries, Thais and Germans, have significant differences in term of culture, the communication style, and the cultural values. To the scenario where two employees from each of these cultures are put together for a project, several problems may arise. 
    First of all Thai people prefer team work where they can discuss things, Germans on the other hand would prefer working alone if they know they are the expert in the field and can handle things easily. 

    Moreover Thai people are laid back and easy going, while Germans are competitive and take business seriously. The Germans will definitely want to get work done on time since they prioritize the punctuality, Thai people on the other would not mind some extension. 

    In addition, German people are very direct, they go straight to the point of what they want and what they do not, thus Thai people may personally take that as very offensive.

    To solve this problem, some agreement and understand must be done before hand. They both should be aware that the causes behind these problems are not personal issue, but the fact of cultural differences. Therefore, some ice breaking talks and learning about need other are needed. 

    Moreover, adaption may be needed from time to time such that the standard of hard work the Thais may need to improve to enhance the smooth flow of work. Good attitude towards each other is very important for team work, thus being open-minded to understanding the cultural differences is one of the most important keys to success,