Please help provide relief in Thailand's flooding disaster

Thanks to everyone who so generously provided support to this relief effort!  Thailand will remember 2011 as one of the worst years of flooding in the country's history.  Thanks to all your support, we were able to help many flood victims by providing immediate necessities, food, and supplies to villagers as they were forced out of their inundated homes to seek higher elevation.  Additionally, we used donated money to fund the creation and ongoing operation of a Disaster Response Center in one of the hardest-hit communities.  The Disaster Response Center is already being used as a model that other communities with high flood risk can replicate.  We encourage you to read more about everything that was accomplished from your generous donations!
At this point we will not be accepting further donations, but we will leave the website intact as a testament to the victims of the flooding disaster and the great work of everyone involved to help provide relief.
Thanks to you all, we have raised a lot of money in a very short time.  We are so thankful for your support!  You are making a big difference to a lot of people's lives.  Please click here to see for yourself!
  • July through September, 2011 - A successful Disaster Response Center in Tha Rua!
  • 7/17/11 - Recovery Workshop in Village 3, Tha Rua Subdistrict, Ban Na Doem District, Surat Thani Province
  • 5/3/11 - Wiang Sra Temple, Wiang Sra District, Surat Thani Province
  • 4/18/11 - Village 1, Takam Subdistrict, Phunphin District, Surat Thani Province
  • 4/16/11 - Village 7, Takam Subdistrict, Phunphin District, Surat Thani Province
Apr 10 - Two weeks into flooding and houses are still underwater               Apr 10 - Volunteer relief efforts to deliver food and supplies to victims of the floods
During the month of April, 2011, devastating floods hit Southern Thailand, worst of which is concentrated in the province of Surat Thani.  Thousands of people have lost their homes, land, and personal belongings.  As of late-April, many still do not have a place to live, and have been seeking shelter in temples, schools, and makeshift tents at higher elevations.
Currently efforts are underway to deliver food, clothes, and other necessities to victims of the floods, and repair major damage to flooded areas.  Many people, even in Thailand, think that by now the flooding is no longer a problem.  For this reason it has been very difficult to garner support for the relief effort.  But the truth is that many places are still very much in need of help.  We are seeking continued support to fund these relief efforts.  We would greatly appreciate if you consider donating to our cause.  Even as little as $1 can buy a meal for someone in need.  Anything will help, and 100% of donated money will go towards the relief effort.  This includes immediate necessities such as food, and also long-term rehabilitation efforts such as building reconstruction and education in flood preventi

Video of Flood Disaster, Surat Thani - Apr 10

on methods.  Again, every cent donated will be used to help the victims in need.
Click here to donate securely to our cause: (UPDATE: no longer accepting donations)
The flood relief effort is in collaboration with Strong Family Surat Thani.  This organization works to promote family development in Surat Thani province by coordinating with local schools, health volunteers, and administrative organizations.  Strong Family Surat Thani is supported entirely by local volunteers' efforts.  Volunteers will provide flood relief in 3 phases: 1) Delivering immediate food and other necessities, 2) Rehabilitating villagers that have lost almost all possessions, and 3) Educating villagers on how to prevent flooding disasters in the future.
Any comments or questions can be directed to  Thank you so much for your support!
Apr 10 - Makeshift tent for flood victims to live in          Apr 10 - Volunteers helping to deliver food and supplies     Apr 6 - Delivering fresh meals and water to victims
 Apr 6 - Volunteers making food to deliver                         Apr 14 - Delivering clothes to victims                            Apr 14 - Village leader accepting food and supplies