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Thai Krathong is a small business owned by Duang Benkoski that offers Delicious Authentic Thai Food here in Duluth Minnesota.

Thai Krathong Offers:
  • Winter Season Buffet (Oct 1st - April 1st)
  • Lunch Menu between 11am-2pm
  • Fine Dinning after 2pm until close 
  • Take out Orders
  • Delivery
  • Delicious Special Drinks including the Mai Thai and Pina Colada in real pineapples and coconuts.
  • Full bar available at all times.
  • Spicy and Non Spicy Foods
  • Tailored food custom for you: Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, We Do Not Use MGS!
Seasonal Lunch Buffet for $12.50/Adult 6.25/Kids

Store Hours:     Restaurant         Bar
 Sunday: 10am - 10pm 11am - 10pm
 Monday: 10am - 10pm 11am - 10pm
 Tuesday: 10am - 10pm 11am - 10pm
 Wednesday: 10am - 10pm 11am - 1:30am*
 Thursday: 10am - 10pm 11am - 1:30am*
 Friday: 11am - 10pm 11am - 1:30am*
 Saturday: 11am - 10pm 11am - 1:30am*
*Last Call Bar @ 12:45 depending on customers.
**Restaurant closed 1 hour early during winter hours.

Between October 1st until April 1st we offer the Lunch Buffet Full time! (Winter Season), Otherwise we have lunch specials, Lunch Menu, and dinner menu all available during day time. (Check out the main website at for more info.)

To our Dedicated Customers: Buffet was changed by one month later for the year 2012 due to sales still being reasonable during the day. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thai Krathong
308 Lake Ave South
Duluth MN 55802

Thai Krathong

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