Following the DSRR/tRI* workshop for medical professionals held in Krabi, 5-8 December 2013, the proceedings, background information, and outcomes are published as a book in English (eventually also available in Thai).  Experience and coping strategies of medical personnel working in the southernmost provinces of Thailand are documented and contributions from various experts on key learning topics are compiled and presented.  This book, which is available in its entirety online here, is conceived as a tool for health personnel working at the frontlines of violent conflicts in Thailand, in the region, and globally.  

The publication is made possible by a grant from the Swiss embassy in Thailand.  
All texts are available on this website, allowing interested parties to link to it from their own or other relevant websites.

PDF Files of the entire book can be found on this website: scroll to the bottom of the index on the left of this page for English, Thai, Jawi and Rumi versions