Luang Phor Liew Phaya Taoreuan KS 054

                                                                                                         + Front                         + Rear
                                                                                                  KS 054


:Luang Phor Liew                                                                                         
                                                    原庙        :Wat Rai Tiang Tong                                                                                             
                                                    类型        :五宝铜-  90 monks participate in the blessing ceremony
                                                                                         (including Luang Phor Pae, Laung Phor Kasem,
                                                                                          Laung Phor Liew, Luang Phor Khun and others
                                                                                          Famous Luang Phors)
                                                    年份         :2538 BE
                                                    尺寸         :40mm (H) x 28mm (W)
                                                    功能         :出入平安,生意兴隆,贵人扶助,富贵吉祥,招财进宝,