I needed an undead skeleton of a tyrannosaur rex for an adventure (the Advanced Fighting Fantasy: Dungeoneer introductory adventure) and couldn't find it anywhere. So I've made it:

The source image is this SVG file: trex.svg

The finished and coloured figure, ready to print, cut and mount is here: trex.png

Jim Hartman from One Monk Miniatures made an outstanding coloring of this figure: One Monk Forum HOARD 4. Also ready to print, cut and mount. I recommend using one of his 50mm bases.

For the Advanced Fighting Fantasy: Blacksand introductory adventure, I modified the Golden Minotaur from Dave Ashton that can be found here in the HOARD 10 Dec 2008 link.

The result is this figure:

I have a 300dpi version that should be suitable for printing.

Inspired by the recolors from Jordan Greywolf miniatures in this forum competition, I began to recolor the Enforcers Set:

I'll upload the pages here, as they are completed, the first two pages are ready:

Greywolf Paper Heroes #04: The Enforcers 1/3

Greywolf Paper Heroes #04: The Enforcers 2/3

Greywolf Paper Heroes #04: The Enforcers 3/3 

OR download all sheets in one file:

Greywolf Paper Heroes #04: The Enforcers Complete Set

I needed some astronauts for the Transhuman Space adventure Orbital Decay. As once Agains I didn't find anything remotely useful, I modded One Monk's Terra Force Auxiliary minis to something resembling what I wanted:

Terra Force Space Troops

I modded the SWAT Team from Ragnar Shadowolf to make a BOPE Team (the Brazilian answer to SWAT)

Soldados do BOPE

Caveirão do BOPE

To make opponents for the BOPE team I modded the MMIP Showcase #3 Rebels by Lazarus into a band of Traficantes: