X-COM Soldier, equiped
This is the standard armour, plates of kevlar slipped into a set of coveralls. It is unlikely to help against the alien weapons, but it may stop a stray pistol or rifle bullet. DR 12 against pi/cut, 4 against everything else.
DR 12/4 Weight 6
The standard issue X-COM pistol is a one-handed handgun that is light, compact and has a high single-shot rate of fire. It features a 12-round magazine.
Damage 3d pi+ Acc 2 RoF 3 Shots 12 Rec 4 Weight 5
The standard X-COM Rifle is designed to be a sniping weapon that is also good at short range combat thanks to its auto mode. It is X-COM's standard issue light firearm at the beginning of the campaign.
Damage 6d pi Acc 4+2 RoF 15 Shots 25 Rec 2 Weight 12/2
Heavy Cannon

The Heavy Cannon is heavy as its namesake and lacks the speed of the smaller firearms. It makes up for this by being very powerful. The biggest detriment is its small magazine capacity. It can only carry 6 rounds at a time.
Damage 8d ex[2d]
Damage 6d(2) pi
Damage 6dx2 ex inc
Acc 1 RoF 1 Shots 6 Rec 2 Weight 18/6
The auto-cannon combines the versatility and power of a heavy cannon with a faster fire rate.
Damage 6d ex[2d]
Damage 4d(2) pi
Damage 8d ex inc
Acc 1 RoF 3 Shots 14 Rec 2 Weight 18/5
Rocket Launcher
The rocket launcher is slow, heavy, but its severely limited ammunition is balanced by its sheer power. There are three rocket types, each with their own pros and cons. The launcher may only be loaded with one rocket at a time.
Damage 6dx2 ex[2d] 6 lb
Damage 6dx3 ex[2d] 8 lb
Damage 6dx2 ex inc 8 lb
Acc 3 RoF 1 Shots 1 Rec 1 Weight 10
The humble fragmentation grenade. It can hurt or kill several closely-grouped weakly-armored aliens at the same time. It is a thrown weapon that can clear obstacles or be thrown from behind cover.
Damage 5dx2 ex Weight 2
Smoke Grenade
Smoke grenades are useful for providing cover in exposed combat situations. Use with care because they can benefit the enemy as well. Weight: 2
Proximity Grenade
The portable mine, this little beauty uses a weighted base and ultrasonics to set up a 1-meter detection circle (the hex the Grenade landed and all surrounding hexes). Exceedingly useful for mining corridors in base defense missions or "softening up" aliens emerging from UFO doors.
Damage 6dx2 ex Weight 2
High Explosive
This explosive should only be used for demolition purposes. Keep personnel clear of demolition sites.
Damage 6dx3 ex Weight 6
Stun Rod
The stun rod is a melee weapon used to shock enemies unconscious. It is the most reliable form of stunning enemies until the advent of the Small Launcher. The stun rod does not require ammunition and can be used as many times as necessary.
Damage HT-4 aff
Weight 2
This compact device produces a bright flare light when it is thrown. This will highlight enemy units in the vicinity of the electro-flare during night time missions. Weight: 2
The medi-kit combines a healing facility with pain killers and stimulants. First Aid rolls get a +2 bonus and restore 1d Hit Points. Weight: 6
Laser Pistol
The Laser Pistol is the first weapon in X-COM's laser weapon series, researched prior to the Laser Rifle. Like all lasers, the Laser Pistol features an efficient miniature power plant built into the gun that provides limitless firepower for the duration of any ground skirmish.
Damage 3d(2) burn Acc 6 RoF 10 Shots - Rec 1 Weight 4
Laser Rifle
The Laser Rifle is the next step up from the Laser Pistol, and leads on to the Heavy Laser. Good accuracy, long range, no ammo needed, burst fire; this gun has it all. It does a lot less damage than the Heavy Plasma, but that's about it.
Damage 5d(2) burn Acc 12+2 RoF 10 Shots - Rec 1 Weight 10
Heavy Laser Rifle
The heavy laser is cumbersome, but extremely effective.
Damage 7d(2) burn Acc 12+2 RoF 10 Shots - Rec 1 Weight 20
Motion Scanner
This sophisticated device uses a variety of detectors and advanced computer algorithms to identify moving enemy units. Roll Eletronics Operation (Sensors). Range: 10 yards Weight: 2
Personal Armour
Making use of the curiously resilient and ultra light alloys that compose almost the entirety of the UFO hulls, the Beaker heads have been able to cook up a relatively simple but highly protective suit of armour in their laboratory habitats. This new suit of armour rivals even standard kevlar combat armour in terms of effectiveness. DR 30 against pi/burn, DR 10 otherwise.
DR 30/10 Weight 8
Power Suit
The engineers have made another breakthrough. Their solution to the problem of Personal Armour being shot through by Heavy Plasma was to make the alloy armour plates thicker. When we pointed out that no soldier could move under the weight of inch-thick alloy plates, they jury-rigged one of the small Elerium power sources to some motors that lifted the armour as the soldier walked. DR 50 torso/head, DR 30 elsewhere. Sealed.
DR 50/30 Weight 70
Flying Suit
After hours in the lab, one scientist rigged the antigravity unit from a Floater to a belt harness and spent the rest of the night bouncing off the hangar ceiling. Luckily we caught him before he blew away and got him to fit the same thing to a few Power Suits. Grants Flight (Low Ceiling)
DR 50/30 Weight 70
Plasma Pistol
Plasma pistols are a lethal alien weapon based on accelerating particles from within a minute anti-gravity field.
Damage 3d(5) burn Acc 5 RoF 3 Shots 26 Rec 1 Weight 4
Plasma Rifle
The next generation of plasma weapon, the plasma rifle is an effective rapid fire sniper rifle. The plasma rifle improves considerably on the performance of its predecessor the Plasma Pistol in terms of damage and accuracy.
Damage 6d(5) burn Acc 10+2 RoF 3 Shots 28 Rec 1 Weight 10
Heavy Plasma Rifle
The larger cousin of the Plasma Rifle is a powerful squad support weapon which is nonetheless light enough to be usable by nearly any soldier. It is the most powerful weapon available to X-Com agents short of the Blaster Launcher.
Damage 8d(5) burn Acc 10+4 RoF 3 Shots 35 Rec 1 Weight 20
Blaster Launcher
This man-portable total destruction device is the heaviest weapon alien artifact you'll discover. It fires the football-shaped Blaster Bomb which can hover and route through up to nine programmable waypoints before detonating on impact with a small explosion. 'Small' being a relative term for battlefield nuclear weapons.
Damage 6dx4 ex Acc 5 RoF 1 Shots 1 Rec 1 Weight 16
Small Launcher
A small launcher which fires stun bombs. The Stun bomb is used for capturing live human specimens, but it can also be used against most alien races.
Damage HT-5 aff (5m) Acc 1 RoF 1 Shots 1 Rec 1 Weight 10
Alien Grenade
This device works in the same way as a terrestrial grenade - except that it is more powerful.
Damage 8dx2 ex Weight 2
After the capture of a psionic alien (an Ethereal or a Sectoid leader) you can develop technology to make the same types of psionic attacks used by our opponents. This device allows mind attacks as described in the advantages Terror (B93) and Mind Control (B68). Weight: 10
Mind Probe
The mind probe is an alien communication device which is used to take information directly from brain waves. XCom units can use this device in combat to display an alien's surface thoughts. Useful to identify the rank of spotted aliens. Weight: 5

The Sectoid hierarchy ranges from soldiers to leaders with powerful psionic abilities. These psionic powers can be used to demoralise soldiers in combat, or even take control of their minds. They tend to indulge in human abductions and cattle mutilation. The abduction is used to extract genetic material for cross breeding and developing clones for infiltrating human society. The cattle provide both nutrition and genetic material. This race appears to want to develop superior genetic hybrids to increase the efficiency of their hive-like society.

The autopsy reveals vestigial digestive organs and a simple structure. The brain and eyes are very well developed. The structure suggests genetic alteration or mutation. The small mouth and nose appear to have little function. The webbing between the fingers and the flat feet suggest aquatic origins. There are no reproductive organs and no clues as to how this species can reproduce. They are most probably a genetically engineered species.

ST: 8 HP: 8 Speed: 4
DX: 10 Will: 11 Move: 5
IQ: 13 Per: 13 SM: -1
HT: 8 FP: 8 DR: 0
Dodge: 7 Attack: Weapon [14]
Leaders: Terror, Mind Control


This miniature flying saucer is an automated terror weapon armed with a powerful plasma beam. The anti-grav propulsion gives it a big advantage in difficult terrain. Its primary function is destruction and terror in the service of the Sectoid race.

The Cyberdisc is well shielded and is particularly good at withstanding explosive ammunition. The primary anti-gravity system is too badly damaged to gain any understanding of its functioning.

ST: 30 HP: 30 Speed: 5
DX: 10 Will: 12 Move: 10 (Flight)
IQ: 10 Per: 12 SM: 0
HT: 10 FP: - DR: 30
Dodge: 8 Attack: Plasma cannon 10d(5) burn [16]
Machine, Flight, No legs, No manipulators


The Floaters are primarily soldiers and terror agents. They are naturally predatory beasts, genetically engineered and cybernetically enhanced to make formidable warriors. The lower half of the body and most internal organs are surgically removed, and a life support system is installed. This implant contains an anti-gravity unit which enables the creature to float, albeit unsteadily, through the air.

The creature has been drastically altered by surgery. The device which seems to form the core of the body is a life support system, taking over the function of heart, lungs and digestive system. This would enable the creature to survive in extremely hostile environments. The brain is smaller than ours, but the sensory organs are well developed.

ST: 10 HP: 10 Speed: 5
DX: 10 Will: 8 Move: 10 (Flight)
IQ: 10 Per: 8 SM: 0
HT: 10 FP: 10 DR: 10
Dodge: 9 Attack: Weapon [14]
Flight, No legs. Leaders: DR 20, Cowardice


This bipedal carnivore has powerful jaws and a voracious appetite. It has a number of brain implants which are used to control its activity. The primitive predatory instincts of this creature are of little use except to terrorise and destroy. Reapers are commonly associated with Floaters.

The Reaper contains two 'brains' and two 'hearts' which allow it to function even when heavily wounded. However its furry skin is highly flammable, making the creature vulnerable to incendiary weapons.

ST: 30 HP: 30 Speed: 6
DX: 12 Will: 12 Move: 6
IQ: 12 Per: 10 SM: +2
HT: 12 FP: 12 DR: 20
Dodge: 9 Attack: Bite 4d(5) cut [12]
No manipulators, Horizontal, Vulnerability (Fire x2)


This race developed in an extremely hostile environment. They are extremely tough and can resist extreme temperature variations. Their mobility depends on a snake-like giant "foot" which protects all the vital organs. Their objectives appear to be purely predatory and they appear to be under the command of some other Intelligence which directs their military-style incursions on earth. The skin is extremely tough and heat resistant.

The cardio-vascular system is part of the muscular system which uses the hydraulic principle to create motion. The only true muscle is the "heart". The reproductive system appears to be very efficient. Reproduction is asexual, with each snakeman carrying up to fifty eggs inside its body at any one time. Left to its own devices this species would be a severe threat to life on earth.

ST: 14 HP: 14 Speed: 6
DX: 12 Will: 11 Move: 5
IQ: 11 Per: 11 SM: 0
HT: 12 FP: 12 RD: 20
Dodge: 10 Attack: Weapon [16]
Combat Reflexes, No legs (Slithers)


The crab like claws of this creature are a powerful weapon in close combat. The high metabolism and strength of this creature give it speed and dexterity. Instead of killing its victim it impregnates it with an egg and injects a venom which turns it into a walking Zombie. A new Chryssalid will burst from the victim shortly after impregnation. Chryssalids are associated with the Snakeman race.

The exo-skeleton of this creature is extremely tough, but surprisingly vulnerable to explosive ammunition. The brain is well developed, and its cell growth rate very fast. The creature carries twenty eggs which are laid inside other organisms. This creature is a very effective terror weapon.

ST: 25 HP: 25 Speed: 8
DX: 16 Will: 16 Move: 10
IQ: 6 Per: 12 SM: +1
HT: 16 FP: 16 DR: 30
Dodge: 12 Attack: Claws 5d(5) cut [16]
Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold, Dominance


This humanoid creature is physically powerful and intelligent. They have a particular appetite for consuming raw flesh of any kind, which they need for sustenance like earth based carnivores. They appear to rely on telepathic commands from a race known as 'Ethereals'. Once separated from this telepathic link their mental system appears to break down and they die. The cybernetic implants are used to enhance their combat performance. They are clearly the foot soldiers for a higher intelligence.

The 'skin' of this creature appears to be an organically created protective armour which is grafted onto the body. There are numerous cybernetic implants which are used to enhance the cardio-vascular system and the senses. The reproductive organs appear to have been surgically removed. Evidently these unfortunate creatures are limited to a life of warfare and conquest. Armour piercing ammunition is not very effective against their toughened skin.

ST: 20 HP: 25 Speed: 7
DX: 13 Will: 9 Move: 7
IQ: 9 Per: 9 SM: 0
HT: 13 FP: 13 DR: 30
Dodge: 11 Attack: Weapon [15]
Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold

This life-form has the mysterious natural ability to float through the air. It appears to detect human brain waves and will move towards a human target even if well hidden. Once a target is detected the Celatid lands and fires small globules of extremely corrosive venom. The creature has the ability to clone itself at an alarming rate. It accompanies the Muton race in its wanderings.
The core contains a small bio-mechanical device which appears to be a naturally evolved anti-gravity propulsion system. The sac of venom is the largest organ and there does not appear to be a separate brain structure. There is no discernible digestive or reproductive system. A small organ contains embryos which can grow rapidly into a new being.
ST: 6 HP: 6 Speed: 5
DX: 10 Will: 14 Move: 10 (Flight)
IQ: 5 Per: 12 SM: -2
HT: 12 FP: 12 DR: 0
Dodge: 8 Attack: Acid Spit 8d cor (ciclic, 1 second, 5 cicles) [25]
Flight, Duplication (No sympathetic injuries), No legs, No manipulators

This silicon based life form generates an enormous amount of heat. It has the strength to crush rocks which can then be ingested by the hot core. It has a primitive intelligence and can be controlled by implants or telepathic beings. It works with the Muton alien race.
Silacoid - Autopsy The core of the creature is extremely hot, and seems to be the basis for a digestive system. Its unique muscle system has tremendous power and speed. Its rock like skin is not harmed by fire or incendiary ammunition.
ST: 16 HP: 16 Speed: 4
DX: 6 Will: 14 Move: 4
IQ: 3 Per: 8 SM: -2
HT: 14 FP: 14 DR: 30
Dodge: 7 Attack: Heat 10d burn (Aura, Melee) [12]
DR 100 against fire and incendiary ammunition, No legs (Slithers), No manipulators.


This being has awesome mental powers which allow for telepathic communication and telekinetic abilities. The apparently weak physical abilities of this creature are sustained by its mental powers. We do not understand how these telekinetic powers work, since they seem to defy the laws of physics as we know them. They are extremely dangerous in any combat situation, where they rely on their mental powers for combat. They rarely appear on Earth since they seem to rely on other races to pursue their objectives.

This being is physically retarded and seems incapable of sustaining any life functions. The muscles are severely atrophied and the internal organs appear to be under-developed. The sensory organs, including the eyes, do not appear to function at all. The brain, however, is well developed and draws on a high proportion of the body's blood supply. It is a mystery as to how this creature can sustain itself without external support.

ST: 10 HP: 10 Speed: 6
DX: 10 Will: 16 Move: 12 (Flight)
IQ: 16 Per: 16 SM: 0
HT: 14 FP: 14 DR: 50
Dodge: 10 Attack: Weapon [20]
Flight, Terror, Mind Control, Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold.


Sectopods are robot creatures with a powerful plasma beam weapon. The control of these mechanical beasts is via a telepathic link to their controllers, the Ethereals. Sectopods are the most powerful terror weapon available to the alien forces. 

This robot is sturdily constructed with powerful armour capable of resisting most forms of attack, in particular plasma weapons. However, the sensing circuitry seems particularly vulnerable to laser weapons.

ST: 30 HP: 30 Speed: 6
DX: 10 Will: 18 Move: 6
IQ: 10 Per: 10 SM: +2
HT: 14 FP: - DR: 100
Dodge: 9 Attack: Plasma cannon 10d(5) burn [16]
Machine, No fine manipulators, DR 40 against lasers

Sources, for the text and stats: UFOPAEDIA