GURPS Fighting Fantasy

The world of Titan, Dungeoneer, Allansia and Blacksand, in the Generic Universal Roleplaying System

Fighting Fantasy is a set of solo-adventure books that share the same rules and setting: the world of Titan, Allansia, Khul and The Old World. It is the work of the English Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. Their world is better described in their RPG books from the Advanced Fighting Fantasy series: Dungeoneer, Blacksand, Allansia, Titan and Out of the Pit.

GURPS is the Generic Universal Role Playing System, designed by the American Steve Jackson, now on his fourth edition by Sean Punch and David Pulver. It's designed to be the only system you need to learn to play any character, in any setting of any genre. For the Fighting Fantasy incarnation of GURPS I recommend the use of GURPS Magic, GURPS Fantasy, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventurers, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy The Next Level and GURPS Lands Out of Time.

Dungeoneer Monsters

ST:    8    HP:    8    Speed: 5.5
DX:    12    Will:    8    Move: 5
IQ:    10    Per:    12    SM:    -1
HT:    10    FP:    10    DR:    0
Dodge:    8    Parry:    9
Attack: thr 1d-4, sw 1d-3
Traits: Night Vision, Cowardice
Skills: Knife-12, Sling-12, Stealth-10
Class: Mundane

ST:    12    HP:    12    Speed: 5
DX:    10    Will:    8    Move: 5
IQ:    8    Per:    8    SM:    0
HT:    10    FP:    10    DR:    2
Dodge:    8    Parry:    10
Attack: thr 1d-1, sw 1d+2
Traits: Night Vision, Intolerance
Skills: Shortsword-14, Sling-12
Class: Mundane

ST:    20    HP:    20    Speed: 5.5
DX:    9    Will:    7    Move: 5
IQ:    7    Per:    7    SM:    +1
HT:    13    FP:    13    DR:    4
Dodge:    8    Parry:    10
Attack: Mace sw 3d+5, Punch thr 2d+2
Traits: High Pain Threshold, Night Vision
Night Vision, Magic Resistance 2
Skills: Mace-14, Brawling-12
Class: Mundane

ST:    12    HP:    12    Speed: 6
DX:    10    Will:    10    Move: 6
IQ:    10    Per:    10    SM:    0
HT:    14    FP:    14    DR:    1
Dodge:    9    Parry:    10
Attack: Trident 1d+3 (0.5) perf
Traits: Amphibious, Peripherical Vision
Bad Smell, Disturbing Voice
Skills: Spear-14, Brawling-12
Class: Mundane

Tyrannosaur Skeleton
ST:    33    HP:    33    Speed: 8
DX:    15    Will:    12    Move: 17
IQ:    2    Per:    14    SM:    +5
HT:    14    FP:    14    DR:    4
Dodge:    12    Parry:    -    
Attack: 4d+1 imp (bite)
           4d+1 cut (claws)
           4d+2 cr (tail)
Traits: Skeleton,
Injury Tolerance (Unliving)
Fragile (Brittle, Unnatural)
Vulnerability (Crushing Attacks, x2)
Striker (Tail, Long: SM+1 , Arc: Behind)
Skills: Brawling 15, Running 14
Class: Undead
Notes: Can bite and chew creatures of SM 0-
inflicting 4d+1 perf per turn automatically,
contest of strength to escape.
Can pin prey under his feet, doing 4d+1 cut
damage once. Contest of strength to pin.