Hackbarth's Home


Tiago Hackbarth is a computer scientist that works programming data collection and visualization platforms at the Ministério de Desenvolvimento Social e Combate à Fome (Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger) in Brasília, Brazil.

His personal interests are RolePlaying Games, Gaming Papercraft, reading Science Fiction.

This page is about these personal interests, in the spirit of sharing with other people interested in the same things.

Things that I did

My GURPS articles, adaptations, campaigns and rules

My Papercraft creations for roleplaying

Órbita: Poder e Corrupção, my Hard Science Fiction Roleplaying Game based on the D6 system (in portuguese)


I converted to twitter for my personal blogging

I write about GURPS (in portuguese) in the blog Gurps Nation

I write about Papercraft for RPGs (in portuguese) in the blog Rpgista

My retired gaming related blog (in portuguese): Professor Alabarda

My retired personal Livejournal (in portuguese)

Social Networks

I list the books I read with GoodReads

I post the photos of my papercraft builds and some other things in Flickr

Wish Lists

Want to give me something?

There is a list of things I want from Amazon

There is a list of things I want from RPGNow, a PDF store specialized in gaming.