CONTEST: Win EMPIRE'S END and other zombie/horror titles!
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Write a limerick about Death!

This contest has ended

• Signed copy of EMPIRE with Reaper stickers
• The giant creature anthology MONSTROUS (Permuted Press)
• Any 1 book from Library of the Living Dead Press' catalog, and a cool pin
• Selected back issues of HACKER's SOURCE magazine (Eve Blaack Publishing)


Death threw back his cowl!
He walked into the crowd with a scowl.
   They would soon twitch and writhe,
   As he swung the ol' scythe,
And they'd finally throw in the towel.


All of the third place prizes, plus...
• Signed DETOUR INTO MADNESS VOL. 1 unrated DVD (Timberwolf Entertainment)
• Lucifer Fulci's novella SIKI CITY (Eve Blaack Publishing)


Autograph collector of all:
Nobody can refuse his call.
   He expects you to sign.
   Put your name on the line—
Another soul now in his thrall.

All of the third and second place prizes, plus...
• From Eve Blaack: A 2-sided theatrical poster for LAND OF THE DEAD electronically signed by George A. Romero
• And a 35mm print of the LAND OF THE DEAD trailer


Mama always said: "Death be not proud"
And she would know because Ma's underground
   He's bony and he's lithe
   When he sharpens his scythe
He came for her wearing a coal-black shroud.

in the "Write a Death Limerick" contest

The spectre of Death arrived in town
A wave of darkness and dread all 'round.
   He began in full scream
   Parts fell off like a dream
And now we all know who's an ass clown.
-Zombie Zak

Death was quite a slouch
A fatty with a bit of a pouch
     He liked certain ladies
     But killed all their babies
Then went to cry alone on his couch
-Ben White

"Death by Concrete"
I've always thought death was hilarious,
But clinging to life quite precarious.
   So one day over lunch
   I had a wild hunch
And dreamed up a scheme quite nefarious.
I called in a mobile concreter
Who came quickly; he couldn't've been fleeter.
   His concrete was scented
   So I lay down contented
And he interred me with his lorry's excreter.
-John Irvine

There once was a hobo from Spain,
Who died when hit by a train.
   His autopsy did more
   To chop up his dead core
And his blood slipped into the drain.

Into Portland Death came walking.
His robes and scythe were rocking!
   Working all day.
   Never stopping to play.
The number of souls he took was shocking.
-Bruce in Maine

Bony fingers on yer door, they be scrapin'
Yer time's come- yer soul he'll be takin'
   Bubbling up in yer mind come all those regrets
   The sad, dark, empty things you most want to forget
Yer done, he's here, and there's no mistakin'.
-Dave Oaks

He watches the sands flow with a ghastly grin.
Knowing when they all run out his job begins.
   He will take their soul.
   He will eat it whole.
And turning the glass He starts it all again.
-Brennon ThompSon

On a pale horse rides the Grim Reaper,
Time-tested, hell approved soul seeker.
   Zombie bit lonely
   Mortal wound homely
Worry not, for Death you're a keeper.
-Jonathan Moon

"Ode to Death"
Watching through hollow cavities
At all the world's depravities
   The hour glass spent
   The time that he lent
A witness to human tragedies
-Robert Essig

Death shimmers like a shaft of moonlight;
A scythe slicing a swath through the night.
   The pale rider glides
   On a night-mare which strides
Towards the dawn, disappearing from sight!
-Jason Rapelje