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Data Science in Collaboration on Language

September 22 (Saturday): 10:00-17:00
Venue: Tsukuba International Congress Center (つくば国際会議場)
Room: 201A

Dear all the contributors of TGSW2018!

I would like to express my greatest gratitude to all the participants in the conference, Keynote speakers: Prof. Koji Mineshima and Prof. Hyeonjeong Jeong; Invited speakers: Prof. Nivedita Kumari and Dr. Ayaka Suzuki. Special thanks also go to all the participants who took the time to come all the way to the venue to share the knowledge on language and technology. 

The TGSW2018_DASIC conference collected as many as 28 presentations with high qualities, which is a real encouragement to the coordinators with a wider range of research fields from theoretical linguistics to applications to pedagogy. 
There was an enthusiastic discussion among participants during the session. This is a really encouraging for all the members in this conference. A a great many of young researchers and undergraduate and graduate students participated in the conference as presenters in this first conference. I hope that this conference will provide an inspiration and motivation for their future research. I really appreciate their efforts and contributions to the conference. 

As announced at the closing ceremony, we would like to publish TGSW_2018 post-conference proceedings in December 2018. Anyone who attended the conference can make a submission. For details, please check the website.

Again, I would like to say thank you for your contribution and kindness you showed in the conference. Please feel free to contact with me.

Best regards,
Chairs: Yuichi Ono, Masaharu Shimada

The purpose of this session is to provide opportunities with researchers from various fields to share recent trends of the study of language in industry-academia collaboration. Recent trends are that linguistics and its application fields have been becoming more and more inter-dependent. Thus, the "Trans-Border” or "Interdisciplinary" perspective is necessary among theoretical linguistic fields and its relevant applied linguistics, educational technology, and multilingual education. Specifically, the recent linguistic data for research is "big" and "contextualized". The organizer hopes that the session will stimulate the possibility for uncovering future unexplored areas of research of language.

■Keynote Speakers: 
Koji Mineshima    (Ochanomizu University)
Hyeonjeong Jeong  (Tohoku University)

■Invited Presenters: 
Ayaka Suzuki   (NINJAL PD Fellow)
Nivedita Kumari    (University of Tsukuba) 

■Sister Session: TGSW2018_CEGLOC

■Poster Presentations