New site now available!!

Please note: if you are using the URL "" to access this site, it is no longer being updated. I have created a custom site and have redirected "" to the new and BETTER one above.

If you have "" bookmarked, please update your bookmark to as this is the only way to access the new site.

This front page is still accessible, but only advises to use the new site.

Reasons for the change:

- Google sites use templates (inconvenient for this type of site)
- Up until now I have been creating/updating content for this site in HTML pages on my home PC using Dreamweaver, and copy-pasting the relevant HTML code into the Google site page-editor's "custom code box"
- I have to do this MANUALLY, for EACH PAGE.... EVERY SINGLE TIME I need to update something

This process has been very time consuming, not to mention cumbersome and just plain f**king annoying. NO MORE. Had enough.

So I slapped a .css file on the pages on my PC, built a menu and was (FINALLY) able to find hosting for it.