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Congratulations to 

Congratulations to our 2020

TGA winners



Congratulations to our 2020


A flight Champion 2020- Tom Pellicane 

B flight Champion 2020-Harry Martinez

C flight Champion 2020- Greg Risoldi

D flight Champion 2020-Andrew Ohara


Presidents Cup winner 2020- FRANK HELSTOWSKI

Vice-Presidents Cup Winner 2020-   JIM GALLOWAY

Important information

To TGA members with tee time call in percentages below 60%, please make every effort to get on the phone on Monday nights at 9pm and makea tee time for the club.

I have been to the executive committee twice this season asking to revise our tee time policy to give members time to get their tee time percentage

 within our minimum requirement (60%). The currently TGA tee time policy is members have six weeks of becoming an active member

(play with the group for the first time) to establish and maintain the minimum tee time requirement (60%). Members that do not meet the requirement

will be excluded from tournaments and could be excluded from Sunday play with the group.

Please do not put me I the awkward position of having to exclude you from any tournament or playing with the group.

To TGA members with high average tee times (10pm and above), While I know first hand (calling on two phones 24 times/min) how difficult it is

to get an early tee time, you need to be diligent in continuing calling until you  obtain a tee time. If all members quit call after 5 or 10 minuets

we could be shut out from early time. Take comfort in knowing that each busy sound is other members making a tee time for the club.

Tamarack Golf Association


The Tamarack Golf Association (TGA) is actively working to bring awareness of our group’s activities to fellow Tamarack golfers.

Our hope is that this information peaks your interest and you decide to join our group.


·        The TGA was established in the early part of 1970.

·        We are governed by our constitution and bylaws.

·        Our group meets before 7am on Sundays to compete.

·        We run competitive and fun tournaments.

·        We are members of the USGA handicap system.

·        Our member’s handicaps range from 0 to 26.

·        Our season runs from April 1 to October 31.

·        We run a year ending three day golf outing.

·        Our members are required to:

o       Call for tee times.

o       Pay dues ($100).

o       Pay weekly entry fee ($10).

o       Play by the USGA rules of golf (with exceptions for local rules).

o       Respect the golf course and fellow members.

o       HAVE FUN.

If you would like to join or you need additional information you can contact , ROBERT SOBIESKI, rfsobie@comcast.net


Best Regards


Tom Pellicane

Email: pellicanet@yahoo.com





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