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IOM South Island Day 2

Woke to a clear morning with a low cloud base.  Sunday was going to be light... :)

Cruisee breakfast at the camping ground and headed up to the venue 8am.

Still first there, everyone slept in today.  We all rigged and Race officer Steve held off racing until the wind settled in from the North.  B fleet started in shifty challenging conditions and I just finished the two laps just within the 15 minute time limit.  A fleet then started but where not so lucky.  Three attempts to finish the A fleet within the 15 minute window, lucky the won I was leading. The next B, A where 1 lap'ers.  A couple of protests where heard while we waited for wind.

The points between Ian and Graham where very close so the race office pushed on and got away two more light races.

Graham managed the win overall with Only two points behind Ian Vickers in 2nd.  Phil Pryde was third.

Great Event, well done Nelson Radio Yacht Squadron.

Off to Christchurch Nationals starting Friday (measuring Thursday)

Happy Wednesday sailing back home...