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IOM South Island Day 1

Made it to Nelson in one piece and Rego complete.
About 20 boats rolled around lake for the practice session.  Wind rotating around compass most of the afternoon and just kept getting lighter all day.
Mist3 performing very well.
Looks like it will be a shifty regatta. 
Should be fun and keep it very interesting :)
All the best 


Early rise and turned up at venue first light for the start of the South Island Champs near Nelson.
Cooked breakfast on my little gas stove and fry pan in my little camper.
7am and the first sailors arrived.  A lovely sunny morning with zero breeze.
Briefing from Steve at 9.30am and racing delayed until 10am waiting on a breeze.
The wind arrived 10am and the two ceeding races took place.
This is the first contest for my new Mist 3 and see performed beautifully with good speed and height when required.  (plenty of good starts helped)
The wind was clocking randomly over a 90 degree spread and a lot of luck was required.  The left or right paid, but the middle rarely.
The sun was beaming all day so there will be some very tired sailors tonight.  
Ian was Mr constant as usual and lead the first day with 7 point lead over me.
My day will start with my first "B" fleet race..
Happy Sunday sailing up at Waihi tomorrow

All the best