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IOM North Island Champs Day 1

As Race Officer for the North Island IOM Championships, I found, it’s a Far cry from being a R.O. for IRC Yachts in Sydney and various Club and State Titles over in Oz.

 As an Ex Pat, returned after many Yrs in Oz, I have returned to NZ and taken on R.O. duties for various Clubs in Tauranga, as My creditials have transferred over.

 Today bought Sailors, from as Far afield as Nelson, To KeriKeri, Wellington, to Auckland, and other Clubs in between.
An Exceptional turn out, considering the Weather conditions We have been having, this last week.
So a Special Thank You goes Out to ALL Our visiting Contenders.

 Tauranga has had it’s fair share of Wet Weather over the last week, which has raised the Lake Taurikura Level to rise approx. Half a Metre, above the dock, so with some help, Contenders were launching their Yachts in flooded conditions.
 The rain certainly didn’t hold back, as the first 4 races prior to lunch, were held in miserable conditions, with a NNE wind blowing down the lake, at about 3-5 knts along with heavy rain, at times.

With Windward / Leward marks set, and some breeze blowing, I set them off.
 The first few races, saw some Good Talent drop out, with the Newly Weds, Tessa and Carl Smith, having gear failure, forcing them out, along with some other Contenders having to retire, so from an initial field of 21 entrants, we went down to about 15, by the end of the day.
After lunch, things seemed to settle down, with the rain holding off, and a couple of extra long races put into the mix, we ended up having 15 races sailed for the day.
Weather considering, I feel the Contenders had a LONG day, walking up and down the course, in their Wet clothing. (I’m sure there will be a Lot of Hot showers tonight).

 The Weather is NOT looking too good for tomorrow, But who knows what will happen.
 It looks as if there are a few spots, being Hard fought, with Our local Richard, up agints Aucklands Rob, vying for the top of the leader board, and a few others fighting for the minor placings.

 Overall, Day 1, is run, and We look forward to an exciting final day of racing and await to see if Rob is knocked off that top perch that He has done so well to be on
Good Luck to All tomorrow

Darryl McManus
Race Officer