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IOM & J Class Saturday 170805

The J Class's came out to play today with only 3 sailors but 5 boats. Some boats needed setting up and adjusting while others went form the get go. RO Richard M set staggered starts for the J's and IOM's which made for some interest when the J's were bearing down on the starting IOM's with only a few scares coming from this before the starts were separated a bit to prevent damage. Both courses were set and with only minor adjustments and a few longer races thrown in for good measure. It has been noted and commented on that our club as a whole is getting a tad lax with regards to the rules regarding Port / Starboard and Barging on the line, and to this end RO's are being more willing to dish out penalties where needed and explanations for why these were issued to make a more even playing field. If anyone is unsure about the rules, ask someone who can explain it and make it easier to sail.

Richard M