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BoP 5hr Enduro Race 170902

A wet and dreary day in the Bay with rain forecast for later on, which when it came the sailors came to a decision to cut short the event to 3hrs as the weather looked like getting worse. Only a small fleet this year with 6 teams entering but with water ingestion of a few this only left 3 boats to finish.

Congrats to Rob N and Graham R taking 35 laps in the 3 hours, Richard M and Darryl M taking 34 laps and Adrian T and Carl S taking 33 laps around the lake.

Bad luck beset Dave H / Campbell S with water ingestion into the rudder servo, and Ken F / Owen P who suffered battery problems with not 1 but 2 boats and John B / Garry M with electric issues.

All in all was a fair day with some very close racing at times.

Richard M