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2017 Nats practice day

Christchurch woke to drizzle but if soon clear.  There were some reports of high winds at the lake for a while last night. I spent the morning at the Antartica centre, a fantastic place if you have 3 hours.

I arrived just before 1pm at the lake and weighted in, in the back of the container / club house . I've been fiddling the last few days and had to find a few coins in the van ash tray.

On the water and again the conditions where challenging. Huge varying shifts where the rich got richer and the poor were bankrupt...

As the afternoon progressed the fleet grew, the wind increased and the temperature dropped to freezing.

Some might have come close to working out the wind shift pattern but I think flipping a coin would have may had the same chances.

Briefing 10.45am tomorrow and lets see what happens on Day One...

Graham R