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2017 Nats Day 2

The weather man said rain and rain we got!

Start was scheduled for 9.30am but the wind did not arrive until 11am.

After morning briefing there was a conversation about whether or not we want to approach the NZRYA to see if we can possible have a IOM committee to oversee IOM events, programs, running etc. There are approx 260 affiliated IOM sailors in NZ.   It was asked to bring back any ideas for further discussion tomorrow.

Racing got underway in the same NE'ish direction as yesterday (weather man got that wrong)

Racing was tight and plenty of shifts allows for plenty of passing (or be passed)

I had another solid day with constant results while others were up and down around me.  Mr Vickers continued his outstanding form again.

Last day tomorrow with light to medium breeze forecast and a great chance of more rain.

Sounds like good sailing back home today. Have fun in Waihi tomorrow :)