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2017 Nats Day 1

I headed out to the Lake just after 9am.  Boats where all out on the lake practicing..  10.50am briefing. 2 lap'ers.

Seeding race one and I got out to a good lead only to hook weed and finish second :)

That were my last weekends starting super mojo ran out, Good, Average & really bad starts today.  I picked the shifts pretty well and I was always on the comeback but could never quite get win off Ian today.  Got hooked up in the pack today a couple of times so Results varied but I managed to stay in A feet all day which was very good and gives me good average points in 2nd place well behind Ian Vickers who was on fire today (2 fleets x 20 boats to a fleet with 4 up and down)

Funny not so many years ago I remember my 1st nationals in Tauranga as a c division sailing popping a B fleet race and that was awesome.

A year later and newer gear and my iom skills had improved, then popping an occasional racing in the A fleet was absolutely fantastic.

Today a 5th & 6th and I'm thinking I've set up the rig poorly and need to get my shit together.  I guess it's all a matter of perspective of goals and expectations we set for ourselves, I am just thankful to be breathing and just out there today having fun racing with great company 😃 

Now here comes two days of rain,  Poor officials...

All the best