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2017 BoP Champs day 1

A very good sized fleet with 21 boats on the water today. RO Bruce M set up a good large and fair course which didn't need to be adjusted during the day as the wind stayed from the NWerly direction for nearly all of the day with the odd hole and river of air when you found them. 4 boats shared the wins during the day with the number of wins reflecting their positions on the scoreboard. Some very close racing during the day with only a few protests and nearly all incidents were dealt with quickly. All races today were 2.25 lappers and gave everyone a good chance to spread out before the first mark and many good battles ensued with boats and sailors of similar abilities fighting it out for their positions with a lot of good natured ribbing if 1 made a slight mistake during a race. The rain came just before lunch and went soon after for a humid days sailing.

Richard M