Good Morning All,


I am writing to you about the Joysway DragonForce 65 (DF^%), the fast-growing Radio-Controlled yacht in the world.


Naturally I don’t know whether you or your members are  of aware of DF65 or viewed the details of it on the National class Owners Association on  NZRYAs web page http://www.nzradioyachtingassociation.co.nz/home-page/

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When some of Kapiti Radio Yacht Club members purchased DF65s, to race competitively a numbering system was required. Because of DF65 worldwide popularity, those members had the foresight to realise, that given time, there would be provincial/national Championships, which obviously (even more so), require a New Zealand wide numbering sequence.

It was agreed to best way to achieve this aim was to affiliate to NZRYA in order that the NCOA became National body for DF65s.


I would be obliged if you could pass this email on to your members who own or intend owning a DF65


Kind Regards,


Con Renner,


NZDF65National Class Owners Association.