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Consider a personal fiduciary relationship that you deserve for your financial security.

With us, our relationship is a partnership.  When you decide to adopt TGA Capital Management, you can be assured of a complete transparent relationship.  At TGA Capital Management, we’re partnering with you to attain “Prudent Guidance,” on a strict fiduciary relationship.  When we mutually agree that we should work together, we need to have a written agreement as a guide.  We will outline the services and the accompanying costs provided by our low advisory/client schedule and we will also define our responsibilities and your responsibilities in this partnering relationship. This agreement may be cancelled by either party at any time.

Gather Data

We need to know your entire financial situation that you can make available such as; We will ask for bank statements, investment statements, insurance policies, mortgages and loans, credit card balances, tax returns and a budget.  We want to know your financial requirements. We need to attain; a net worth statement, risk/averse posture, and your other trusted relationships such as; Your professional tax consultant, your most trusted legal professional.

The advisory can only reflect on the pertinent information you provide and is strictly confidential. We will also provide you our private policy statement and our code of ethics.

We will give you our detailed unbiased, opinion of your financial situation… the good news and the bad news.

Develop a Plan

We will make specific suggestions as to how to address your financial problems and work towards your financial goals, while disclosing all current costs and comparison of how TGA Capital Management cost focus is in your best interest. We’ll give you a track to run on.

Implement the Plan

We will help you with whatever financial issues arise and refer you to other qualified financial resources professionals if and when necessary.

Monitor the Plan

TGA Capital Management monitors your managed accounts by daily down load via our institutional providers. 

You will have complete account access 24/7, so you can see your progress and all related account information; annual tax related forms, 1099’s,  bill-pay, money transfers, wires in or out of your account.


TGA Capital Management knows, it is all about communication and we focus on keeping you and our advisory connected. 

We provide superlative website access, on-going, TGA Capital Management email alerts (elerts) , informative subject that you will be made aware of, and continual communication that reflects the real issue’s about your requirements. 

Most importantly, helping you understand our sole responsibility on your behalf is to do what is right in our client / partnership relationship.

During the entire management of your accounts, we will also point out the best, cost-effective approach; because undue costs can impact you’re results on a personal basis, corporate sponsored retirement plans, trust accounts, or other investment related requirements. 

TGA Capital Management welcomes you to remain in touch with us and to discuss your requirements.

I can be called or emailed.

Warmest Regards,

Michael D. Green, Principal



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