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Like your mother always told you, the easiest choice is not always the best choice. Thanks, Mom!

So, I make it a point to do the homework exclusively for you. First, research, research research…..as the first prerequisite, to helping you and our advisory like-minded advisory partners.

Considering the current market climate, the advisory invests its capital to expand our research capabilities, prior to funding your managed accounts.

As a fiduciary, I believe this serves you, in your best interest….

Our Equity Research on our MarketScope Advisor platform provides market commentary, sector insights, and portfolio guidance, designed to provide the advisory/client with prudent investment guidance.

There is robust analysis covering 11 sectors and 42 industries, qualitative research of 1500 global companies and quantitative coverage of 25000+ global stocks

  • Moreover, the stock analysis carries into our unique holdings-based analysis that further covers 1800+ ETFs and 22,000+ mutual funds
  • Additionally, there are 15 time-tested model portfolios designed to help you with new investment ideas
  • These 15 model portfolios and unique market-beating methodologies provide an effective, time-tested way to develop and manage portfolios
  • Finally, the hypothetical illustration and analysis tool from the Advisory can help you differentiate your portfolio analytics and investment planning on a fiduciary scale.

The advisory welcomes to exclusively share this with you, as we do with our current like-minded advisory partners.  

Our proprietary, exclusive research is utilized to provide prudent investment guidance for you. We are diligently applying unbiased opinion and account management supported by our investment research and our disciplines about the current research is valuable to share exclusively with you;


1.       The Advisories first discipline is; Sector rotation is an investment strategy involving the movement of money from one industry sector to another identify the sectors reflecting fundamental opportunity, not just to beat the market. It sprouted as a theory from National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) data on economic cycles dating back to 1854. It's thanks to this cadre of government and academic economists that we know the start, end and duration of each business cycle. (For more insight, read Market Cycles: The Key To Maximum Returns.)

2.       How we start the selection process is applied to every one of the advisories managed accounts, since we tailor each account to our clients, RISK NUMBER and that is why you need to do your risk evaluation. It’s brief, our advisory requires the risk evaluation and it’s in your best to before going forward.

 3.       How do we select and find the best? We look at all the sectors such as; Energy, Financials, Health care, Industrials, Information Technology, Materials, Real Estate, Utilities, and many subsectors, that are in a positive cycle and then we find specific stocks, available within the sector to assure opportunity. 

4.       In other words…It’s imperative to identify the best overall performing sector, before investing is a securities/stock, bonds, ETF's, mutual fund, before buying just a financial product like a mutual fund, ETF’s….

 5.       Why buy a stock or bond if the overall sector is negative or that the issuing sponsor of that stock is negative or just not offering the investor the maximum opportunity, with low risk.  Some stocks that are issued by companies can be over-valued, over-leveraged, and this being said, if that company is held by a mutual fund or an ETF, that could also be a lagging result of the mutual fund or Exchange Traded Fund, (ETF), I call them financial products, that most are invested in, which in turn could lower your results.

Does it make sense to be invested in a sector that’s negative? Do you think it is likely a certain stock in that certain sector would also be a negative impact on your investment goals? 

We do the research first, for all our client partners and we can do this for you.

So before, buying securities, a stock or a bond, a limited partnership, a real estate investment trust, a large-cap stock, a mid-cap stock, a small cap stock, a bond..... 

We do the research as a paramount prerequisite to identify the best sectors, before even considering what Stock, Bond, Exchange Traded Funds, . or other before that stock or bond is considered to be in our managed accounts at the advisory. 

Sure, anyone and most everyone can go and by a financial product; Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Bond Funds, High Dividend Paying Funds, Immerging Market Funds, Global Funds, you name it but buying that product in an unfavorable sector make sense?

Do you think it is likely you’re missing the opportunity of maximizing your investments, retirement accounts?  

 The next process is our proprietary research “Data Research Funnell,” whereas the advisory fill, the top of the funnel with particular stock, bonds, from a given sector in favor, along with applying our proprietary disciplines of what we look for, to identify, the best non-leveraged, high quality dividend, low beta, reasonable price to earning P/E, highest ratings by Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, Argus, just to name a few and guess what? 

Your portfolio is maximized and we take it a step further…we will also perform a risk versus return based on your individual risk/averse attitude….we also incorporate managing our managed account with a risk avoidance understanding, and when we implement the appropriate customized portfolio for you, we then monitor it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, to assure us and you, were on track….

What’s your risk number?  Find out here to allow us to help you with the work we do.

With the last quarter of 2018, being very volatile, all being said, it was volatile, and we applied our disciplines, and not often have we utilized the exit strategy on behalf of our clients managed accounts, we went to cash….enjoying some past gains, in our managed accounts, along with receiving some pretty high quality dividends for our clients income or portfolio.

Currently, the sectors, have changed, it’s a new day, a whole new process of these same steps of due-diligence, “Research Data Funnell,” is ongoing, our applied step’s and tasks for us to do, is ongoing on behalf of our advisory clients, and already the advisory partners are seeing positive results, that’s what we're here to do, for like minded people and we are always willing to invite other’s to join this special group of people, like you….

Oh, one more consideration.

What about your investment costs?

Paying Unnecessary Commissions?

High Cost Investment Products?

High Investment Risk with High Investment Costs?

 Yes, we’ll help you with this also, to assure that you can maximize your results, not someone else…

  1. Should you wish to take a look, at the advisory’s managed account, (Blended Portfolio), and the advisory research reports, they are available at the website for you to download, or simply reply to this email and we will provide you this report. 

 If you need any assistance with your Charles Schwab Account Access let us know, since that is where you to see everything we do on your behalf, as your fiduciary advisory.

 Please feel free to reach us to discuss the research services and your managed accounts to assure that we are informed about any changes that best fit your personal investment & Income planning.

The advisory firms’ colleagues of collaboration at, CFRA research is developed by top-tier investment professionals, for top-tier investment professionals, to help address their clients’ needs through high-quality and independent research and analysis with the ability to and screen, model and analyze portfolios.

The advisory also extends the invitation and announcement of the “Alpha Club,” exclusively to our standing, longtime partnering and we’ll send along more information and web links to our exclusive like-minded-partners soon.

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