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S-Scale B&O O-48 Composite Gondola ex BR&P

This is an Ed Kirstatter project.  It is being published in the NASG Dispatch, January-February 2018 issue.  This is a publication of The National Association of S Gaugers (NASG).

TFS Trains has worked with Ed Kirstatter to develop specialty 3D printed parts for the kit-bash project, primarily the bulb type sidewall posts.  The instructions file at the bottom of this page explains the 3D parts and provides basic directions for their use in the project. (Note: the file with the most current date is the most up to date version of the instructions.)

The full details of the model railroad kit-bash project are in the January-February NASG Dispatch, get to the NASG here.

Find the 3D printed parts here at the Shapeways Store for TFS Trains

NEW (26 Jan 2018): The official print of the prototype-version of the part has arrived, here are the first photos.  The parts look pretty good, aside from the fat-finger brake wheel.

Overview Freshly Arrived Shapeways Part  Pressure Retaining Valve and Ratchet & Pawl Details Brake Wheel Details

(2 Dec 2017):  Following comments from Ed, the brake wheel design has been improved, here are some views; one old, two new in Figure 1.  Note this is a simplified and filled in version of the real thing particularly for 3D printability.

Original Brake Wheel Drawing
New Drawing Top View
New Drawing Bottom View
Figure 1 - The Old and New Brake Wheel Design

(13 Jan 2018): The brake wheel has been updated to better suite Shapeways' minimum print guidelines (... sorry) so the brake wheel is a lot fatter  Here is the old-new and new-new for comparison:

  New-New Brake Wheel Fattened for 3D Printing  
Figure 2 - The Old-New and New-New Brake Wheels

NEW (17 Jan 2018): While awaiting Shapeways yea or nay on the updated drawing (so far it has graduated from "processing" to "pre-production" (whatever that means... I've seen some strange effects.), here is what I did to the Pressure Retaining Valve to answer Shapeways objection in this area.  It will make this tiny detail a little stronger.

      Filler Added to the Pressure Retaining Valve      
Figure 3 - The Filler Added to the Handle on the Pressure Retaining Valve Improves Printability

All the best, Charles Sloane