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TFS Trains HomeN Scale B&O N-4 Wooden Hopper

This is an long delayed project, helped along by serious contributions of information from Eric Cox and Ed Kirstatter, so a big thanks to these gentlemen, and others who have commented and provided encouragement to complete the project.

There has been a sample print of the hopper from Shapeways, and here it is as received:

B&O N-4 Hopper Two-fer Shapeways Print Sample
Figure 1 - Two B&O N-4 Hoppers Really Close to N Scale 1:160

Here is the under detail, plastic and metal:

View Showing Two Versions of Hopper Undercarriage
Bolster, Coupler Mount and Weight in One

Figure 2 - Views of the Underside Area of the N-4 Hoppers

Here is more, drawing progress as of 22 December 2017, 1:13 PM:

 Bolster and Coupler Fitting
Figure 3 - Improved Bolster and Coupler Fitting for the
MT 903/5 and MT True-Scale
Brake Wheel Sprue
Figure 4 - Strengthened Sprue to Retain Brake Wheel

Progress on the working almost ready for print two-hopper drawing and grab-iron bending jig for 0.008" phosphor-bronze wire, if it will work.

Bottom view 3D for print drawing see coupler mounts and some sprues.(two types of coupler mounts used, one 1300 coupler shown)

This is for the grab-irons:

Grab-iron bending jig, also a 3D print.

Looks like this installed (hopefully)

Phosphor-Bronze 0.008" Wire Grab-Irons Scaled to Prototype Size

More later....

PS, needs paint, grabirons, couplers, trucks.  And some updates, like a more printable brake wheel.