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21 February 2020

The B&O (Baltimore and Ohio Railroad) and C&P (Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad) both had Brill built Doodlebugs.  The first part of this project has become the development of Brill 27 M.C.B 4 trucks, these appear to be the front trucks of the Doodlebugs.

Here is a glimpse of the latest work on the drawing.

Motor Mount of a Brill 27 M.C.B. 3 Truck
Figure 1 -- Motor Mount Details of Brill 27 M.C.B 3 Truck

The trucks are indicated to be 7 foot wheelbase with 33 inch wheels.  The rear truck appears to be a variant (from the data I have available) of the M.C.B. 3 at 7' wheelbase si

More later....