ELL Connect helps teachers optimize learning, enhance student engagement, and promote high levels of content knowledge for ELL students by infusing powerful technology-enhanced strategies into teaching and learning. Research-based strategies are used in conjunction with technology to increase student motivation and learning. Learn how to make a difference - using technology - to support ELL students in your classroom.

Agenda Overview

Day 1: Laying The Foundation
  • Getting Started
    • Welcome, Overview, Outcomes
    • Introductions and expectations
    • 1 hr Overview Presentation (PDF)
  • Setting the Stage: Research & Practice
    • Gardner's Multiple Intelligences
    • Piaget's Development Progression
    • Marzano's Instructional Practices
    • National Literacy Panel Recommendations
  • ActivitiesSpeaking & Listening
    • iPod Learning Centers - hands-on
    • Image banks to spark oral language
    • Voice recording with Vocaroo, Voki, and Voxopop
    • Really simple podcasting with iPadio
    • Websites for speaking and listening
Day 2: Academic Vocabulary and Writing
  • Setting the Stage
    • Pertinent research - Literacy Panel & Marzano
    • Writing instruction - Writing Process, 6Traits+1, Step Up to Writing
  • Activities:
    • Picture Banks to spark written response
    • Graphic organizers and content dictionaries with Webspiration
    • Blogging
    • Google Docs for collaborative writing
    • Online book creation with Bookr.com
Day 3: Pulling It All Together
  • Setting The Stage:
    • Digital Storytelling: Tapping into all four domains
      Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing merged
  • Activities:
    • Image bank development
    • Devolver for cartoons online
    • Animoto for quick, automated video production
    • ShowBeyond for expanded video imaging projects
    • Voicethread for sharing and oral feedback
  • Wrapping Up and Next Steps
    • Sharing, reflections and implications for ongoing practice, workshop evaluation


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