Welcome to Task Force on Awareness Computing
-- It's about time to be aware, and drive human/machine intelligence even forward...

Awareness Computing ?
A simple definition to 'Awareness Computing (AC)' is to build systems that are aware. Awareness does not necessarily imply full understanding or total comprehension, but identifies the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious. It implies vigilance in observing or alertness in drawing inferences from what one experiences. Compared with 'Computational Intelligence (CI)' or 'Artificial Intelligence (AI),' the goal of AC is less ambitious. It is considered important and essential to solve real-world problems. The awareness, in fact, is the most fundamental ability for any living being to survive, in which a system may never become intelligent without being aware. Moreover, awareness can make computation towards the goal of CI or AI more efficient by shedding of irrelevant possibilities. AC would lead an efficient way for realizing word-based computing.

Our Mission
TFAC (Task Force on Awareness Computing) is a growing task force under the Technical Committee on Neural Networks (NNTC), and its mission is to study 'Awareness Computing' formally, and establish it as a new field of research with a unique theoretical foundation to encompass a large set of problems, rather than considering different applications separately and independently in an ad-hoc manner. Through the study of its related issues in a unified framework, we can gain insight about aware systems and the mechanism of awareness existing in different living beings. For the purpose, TFAC provides an platform for researchers, engineers, and scientists to discuss and exchange ideas, opinions, experiences and state-of-the-art results to consolidate this promising field. A series of events are launched in forms of symposium, workshop, special session, discussion forum, etc. under IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS), and we also devote ourselves to continue the series of International Conference on Awareness Science and Technology (iCAST) under the support of IEEE CIS.
 Coming Events
Dec. 6-9, 2016
The 2nd IEEE International Symposium on Independent Computing (ISIC-16) will be held in conjunction with IEEE SSCI 2016 in Athen, Greece.

https://goo.gl/CUNIJD (select ISIC when choosing the track)