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Dato Tey Por Yee is proud of his early investments in the 90's out of college garage. He has no rich family to clinch on, and he finish his University studies despite strong temptation for him to drop college following the technology frontier  like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

Tey started his career as a businessman. He started small business and invest in collectibles, and use the money made to setup and re-invest in technology startups. By the age of 26, Tey already invested in over 7 start up businesses, and some went public with handsome returns. Tey joined other investors to joint invest in startups, and he involves in corporate advisory role in cross border merger and acquisitions. It was reported that by year 2012, Tey had directly and indirectly investments in over 1,000 companies in 5 continents, a rare breed and mysterious investor with motivating stories yet to be told.

Established on 2003, Nexgram Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, develops property, provides services to telecom and technology companies, and also operates surveillance and securities business. Nexgram started off as a software company (Nextnation Group). Tey turned it into a conglomerate when he acquired Sensorlink and other businesses into the company during year 2013-2015.

Its activities also include incubation of new businesses, and business advisory services. The Company's operations are based in Malaysia, with presence in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as over 12 representative offices world wide.

Nexgram is presently a listed company with target turnover and market capitalization of $1 billion by year 2020. The story that is now among the hottest topic among the business community is how this shy investor had invested in an ungrateful investee which bites the hand who feeds him by made up lies to discredit a normal business deal in order to steal the company control from his investors.

On 3 November 2012, Tey and his friendly investors had purchased close to $30 million to buy over the controlling stake of construction company Protasco Berhad.

While takeover are not unusual in the corporate world, questions are being raised as to why the engineer Chong Ket Pen who cried for investors to buy his previous controlling shareholders out, only to put a blame on his investors, where half of the market understood as a cover up for his own mistakes. Another half believes Chong fails a project on purpose in order to takeover control of the company.

Tey and his investors continue with their business expansion, despite side show made up by Chong. Market was told Tey businesses had doubled in size during year 2015, and his oversea deals are doing very well especially in new markets such as Cambodia and Myanmar. More to expect from this young entrepreneur, and the future of business sustainability looks bright.

Tey Business Prophecies.

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The shy investor had invested in many businesses and investees, including recent year investment in an ungrateful investee which bites the hand who feeds. More to study from this businessman and here are some readings one may find it informative, yet worth thinking in studying what is Tey's business prophecies. In depth coverage could also be found in sites such as:

Another interesting report about what Tey business dealings looks like compared to International corporate experts could be trace back to where Tey serves his clients worldwide:

It was reported more than 1,000 companies being directly and indirectly being helped and invested by Tey through his global network. More to be expected in the future where the 21st century of corporate movers and shakers would count Tey another bright spot to revolutionize civilization progression.

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