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William the Conqueror

Queen Elizabeth I

Martin Luther

Galileo Galilei

 Filippo Brunelleschi

Welcome to Podcasting!

This site will direct you to creating a lesson with Podcasting.  Podcasting is a great way to get students to learn about a lesson, collaborate information learned in the class, or just go over what happened throughout the day.  It is a fun way for students to become engaged and be creative with the curriculum taught in class.  Hopefully, by the end of this, you will have one Podcast under your belt to use for future classes!


Part 1 - State Your Purpose

-Grade Level: 7th

-Subject: Social Studies and Language Arts, but can be applied to Mathematics and Science as well

-Essential Question/Purpose - What is the reason for this Podcast? What do you want students to know or learn by the end of this?








Part 2 -Script

Advice for creating a script

1) Keep it short

2) Chunk the information - this will make recording easy


Part 3-Recording

-Get microphone. You can still create a podcast without it.

-Will be hard when everyone is talking.  Find a quiet place or try to keep other students busy when recording.

-Chunking will make the recordings go faster and it is easier to edit.


Part 4 - Adding Music



Part 5 - Adding Pictures

Advice on pictures - this will take the longest time

-Look out for copyrights on pictures

-Find pictures that are not pixelated

-Find appropriate pictures


Part 6 - Editing

-Pictures that match the timing of the script.

-Editing length of music

-Oh no! I accidentally deleted my work! - The magic Command Z


Part 7 - Where Does it Go?