Eurojoyce ... easing the sad fate of  the late lamented Eurojoys

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After the slow start, slow decline, and apparent demise of the Eurojoys website created by Barney Engelhart & Hans Walter Gabler, John Kidd now sponsors European links at his Textology site,

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Hotbeds of Joycean activity in Continental Europe
Zurich James Joyce Foundation

Trieste Joyce Museum

Antwerp James Joyce Center
Paris: Équipe Joyce

Published periodically
Spain: Papers on Joyce

European Joyce Studies
Finnegans Wake Notebooks pdf or html
Joyce Studies in Italy ... coming ...
(Individuals & groups with these Hotbeds & periodicals are not listed below)

Born-Digital Joycean journals on Euro servers
Genetic Joyce Studies&Hypermedia Joyce Studies

Regional Joyce societies

More collections of Joyceana

Irish cultural centers on the Continent
Princess Grace Irish Library

Europa straddling the English Channel
Robert Weninger

Rebuilding Joycelandia book by book
Katharina Hagena & Friedhelm Rathjen

Offshore experts
Neil Cornwell
on Russia  &  Breon Mitchell on Germany

Self-exiled and settled in America
Jolanta Wawrzycka &
Jean-Michel Rabaté

Archived Joycean events ... coming ...

Lively links by Joyce fans in Continental Europe

Pilgrimages and tourism ... coming ...

Latin American links with EuroJoyce ... coming ...

Summer School
University of Trieste