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Artist Statement:

Looping methods such as knitting, crochet, and hairpin lace fascinate me!

With yarn and knitting needles, a knitting machine, or a crochet hook you can create everything from scratch:

  • the yarn gives the fabric its feel and colour 
  • the stitches provide substance, texture and decoration
  • shaping techniques create form & fit  
  • fulling (shrinking down a knitted or crocheted item with the help of moisture, heat, and agitation) makes the fabric  dense and thick.

I'm always looking for ways to apply conventional techniques in unusual ways as well as looking for different uses for familiar forms.

I'm compelled to doing yarn crafts ~ I feel I was born to crochet and knit.


Textile Jewelry (Press)

(Dec. 1, 2011)

Daybreak CBC Radio One (88.5 FM) Dec. 1 at 6:50 AM

Jeanette Kelly: "(Colette) has quite a sense of humour in the way that she works."

To listen to the interview: the .mp3 file is stored on my yarn crafts website

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Daybreak Show, CBC Radio One
   Meet Colette in just a few minutes on Daybreak! she's one of Jeanette Kelly's favourite Montreal textile artists

Julie Asselin
, étudiante en construction textile, blogged about my jewelry in April 2009

"Il semble que les accessoires et bijoux textiles sont en vogue par les temps qui courent! J'ai découvert une artiste de Montréal qui crée des bijoux totalement textiles! Ils sont à la fois audacieux, mais tout autant épurés, sans l'«EFFET PIZZA». Elle se nomme Colette van Haaren et ses créations sont disponibles dans plusieurs galeries boutiques à Montréal."