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How to text girls

posted Aug 31, 2016, 7:03 AM by Mike C. Parker   [ updated Aug 31, 2016, 8:56 AM ]
Most guys don’t know how to text girls. While the truth is that it's quite simple if you use common sense.

So I’m going to tell you how to take advantage of the other guys’ cluelessness and stand out from the crowd. i'll start by pointing out the most common mistakes:

1. Don't text too much

Nothing can hinder your chances with her like this common mistake.  You will come of as too needy or too attached which can never be good for you. She will see no challenge, get bored with you and move on.

How can you avoid it?

  • Try matching her texts 1:1 ratio
  • Refrain from asking needless questions
  • Don't reply to pointless messages
  • You should also avoid texting her too often – let her build up some anticipation.
how to text girls

2. Don't get too emotional over texts

I can’t emphasize this enough. Text’s are not the time and place for serious talk, you will scare her off immediately if she isn’t already attached to you. What if you like her? You have to get out of that mind set. Most guys make the most grievous mistakes because it’s hard to think of what to text a girl you like and not screw up in a spectacular way.

My advice:

Text some other girls to practice an easy going manner of texting (which you can read more about in the “tips” section below).

how to text girls you like

3. Don’t forget the reason you are texting her

Sometimes guys tend to forget the reason for texting and that is to go out with her. The longer you text without going on a date with her, the lower your chances of succeeding drop. Don’t get me wrong chit chat is fine and good but after a while it gets boring.

So what should you do?

Text some other girls to practice an easy going manner of texting (which you can read more about in the “tips” section below).

Here’s an example:

Joke around a little draw the conversation closer to your goal bit by bit and close the deal with something casual like: “I’m going to the mall tomorrow, want to join for a cup of coffee?”. This wont put pressure on her and she is more likely to accept this way.


Just by avoiding these mistakes your chances of failure will drop considerably, now let’s focus on improving your chances of success.

1.  Have fun.

This one is so important and so self explanatory yet a lot of people choose to ignore it. Don’t be too serious, too stiff or too… “normal”. Have fun, tease her a little, make fun of yourself. You can even argue with her on some topics this will allow you to understand her better and it wont be as boring as something like “the weather is nice today” would be. You have to convey some kind of emotions from her otherwise the texting is pointless.

The math behind this theory:

If it’s fun texting with you - she will text you

If you evoked emotions from her - she will grow attached to you 

simple as that. 

text a girl

2. Hit a topic that SHE wants to talk about

Just by doing that you will have a lot to talk about (or rather she will) and she will instantly form an attachment to you. If you find this gold mine, keep digging. By that I mean be genuinely interested in what she has to say and question her further.  She will love you for this.

Best way to find these gold mines:

  • When she is displaying a lot of emotions (angry, sad, disappointed) ask her what’s wrong.
  • If she is excited about something inquire more about it. 

I filtered only the most important things you must know so you can focus on them instead of doing everything at once and failing miserably.