Welcome to "Text A Tutor: Live Math Help" an service that gives you access to a math tutor via your smartphone when you need it! This service will change the way you get help with your math homework! Text A Tutor is not automated! All responses come from real qualified people! We started this service so we can help you with your math!  This service works on any device that can text. Tablets and Ipads should use a texting app like Text+ to text us.   

Text A Tutor is easy to use! Send in questions via text message to 208-557-8676.   You can also send in pics to textmathtutor@gmail.com  Once our tutors get your questions they will answer super fast.  Our response time varies depending on the question but is usually under 10 min.  If you need even faster responses let us know ahead of time so we can schedule an appointment.

NEW:  You can now send in questions right from your computer by using our screen share tool.  This allows you to share your computer screen with our tutors.  This way they can see your screen and even help you enter in work and answers.

Text A Tutor is the most cost effective way of tutoring because no longer do you have to pay a tutor by the hour.  You can simply pay by the question!  We offer prices as low as
 $1 a question ... a way better rate than $20-40 an hour that some tutors and services offer!  

Subjects we tutor:
  • Pre-algebra 
  • Algebra 
  • Geometry 
  • Algebra 2 
  • Pre-calculus 
  • Trigonometry 
  • Statistics
  • Calculus 1
  • Some Calculus 2 courses!
  • Some Discrete math courses!

Questions and Answers!

Q#1) How do I send in a question!

          Answer:  Simply text us your question to us at our number 208-557-8676.  You can also send a picture message of your question.    We also accept pics sent via email at textmathtutor@gmail.com.

Q#2) How fast does it take to get an answer?

          Answer:  Our service is one of the quickest out there.  Response time does vary depending on how hard the question is and how busy we are.  Our average response time is 5 minutes if you need just an answer and 10 minutes if you need a fully worked solution.  If you need faster response text us ahead of time so we can schedule you for an appointment.  

Q#3) Are real people texting me or is this just a robot?

         Answer:  Yes ... all our messages are sent from real people.  We do not use robots.  All our tutors have degrees in math and teaching experience at the high school or college level.

Q#4)  How much does this cost?

        Answer:  Depends ... we charge by the question.
  • 1 credit per question if you need just an answer or an answer with a brief explanation.  This is our quickest option which is texted right to your phone/device.
            ---- or -----
  • 2 credits per question if you need the question fully worked out. Fully worked out solutions are texted right to your phone as a link.  
          ---- or -----
  • 3 credits per question if you need a video solution. A tutor will work out the question and give explanations. Video solutions take the longest to make and are sent right to your phone as links. 
Credits can be purchased here!

Q#5)  Can I send in more than one question at a time?

         Answer:  You bet ... just make sure you have enough credits for all the questions you send in. 

Q#6)  What days and time are you open?  

        Answer:  Our service is open everyday from noon to midnight eastern time.  However we do work outside those hours by appointment.  If you need help before or after those hours just text us ahead of time and we will schedule you a tutor.

Q#7)  Can I use your service on a test?

         Answer:  Most schools would consider using our service on a test to be cheating!  Use our service appropriately.  We do not offer refunds if you get caught cheating or using our service inappropriately. 

Q#8)  Can you get free credits?

        Answer:  Not really ... however your first question is free so go ahead and try it out.  We also at times give out free credits on our Facebook page so make sure to like us here!  

Q#9)  I haven't got an answer yet?  What's up?

          Answer:  We almost always reply within 10 minutes .... if you haven't heard from us we probably didn't get your question.  Text us at 208-557-8676 to talk with a tutor to find out if your question was received.  

Q#10)  I still have credits left over can I get a refund?

       Answer:  Yes we do buy credits back for $1 per credit.  However we can not refund more than $50 credits.  A $2-$5 fee may apply to refunds.  

Q#11) Do I need the app to use this service?

       Answer:  NO YOU DO NOT NEED THE APP .... we do have an app but for Android phones only.  If you have an Android phone feel free to use the app.  If not just text us at 208-557-8676 and we will set you up on our system.  If using a tablet just use Text+ to text us.  

Q#12) I am in another country ... can I use your service?

       Answer:  Yes if you want to use our service from a country outside the USA you can however we don't have text support for places outside the 50 United States.  Customers outside the USA should use email to send questions in.  Our email is textmathtutor@gmail.com.  We offer tutoring in English only.

Q#13)  Does your service ever make mistakes?

          Answer:  We are human so it is possible we make a mistake.  If we do take a pic of the missed question and we will refund your credit.  

Q#14) Do you help with anything other than math?

       Answer:  Sorry ... at this time our major focus is math from pre-algebra to Calculus 2. 

Q#15)  I need to know more about your service ... how do I contact you?

       Answer:  Just text us at 208-557-8676 and the next tutor available will help you learn more about our service.  


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