Tutoring Information

Congrats!  You Just Found the Best Math Tutoring Service Ever! 

TextATutor is a tutoring service that allows you to send pics of your math questions via text message, email, or screen share to highly qualified tutors.  Our tutors then quickly text back with answers, solutions, or even videos! We tutor math subjects from Algebra up to Calculus 2* and Statistics.

Our service is so popular we don't even advertise!  We hope you enjoy using our service!

So How Does It Work?

Step #1: Text Us To Set Up An Appointment

We work by appointment only. To set up an appointment text our number 208-557-8676 and let us know what day/time you would like a tutor. Limited appointments/tutors are available so we encourage you to text us ahead of time! 

Step #2: Purchase Credits!

Once we have set up your appointment we will send you an email order so you can purchase credits to use for your appointment. Our service charges by the question:
  • We charge 1 credit per question if you just need an answer with a text explanation or to check an answer.  
  • We charge 2 credits per question if you need a fully worked out solution.  
  • We charge 3 credits per question for a video solution which fully works out and explains the solution.
Credits cost $1 each plus a $10 order fee.  So if you want 20 credits the cost is $30.  If you want 50 credits the cost is $60.   Questions with multiple parts like a,b,c,d will be charged additional credits.

If you have credits left over you can use them for your next appointment or ask for a refund of $1 per credit.

Step #3: Send In Your Questions!

When your appointment starts text your questions to our number 208-557-8676 or email to textmathtutor@gmail.com and they will be sent to your tutor. If you have online questions you could also use our screen share tool instead for faster service.  

Once we get your questions we will send you the answers/solutions/videos immediately to you! 

If you still have questions about the solutions feel free to text back and we will assist your further. 

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