Welcome to "Text A Tutor: Live Math Help" an service that gives you access to a math tutor via your smartphone when you need it! This service will change the way you get help with your math homework! Text A Tutor is not automated! All responses come from real qualified people! We started this service so we can help you with your math!  This service works on any device that can text even Ipads and other tablets equipped with a texting app. For Android users you can use an app.  

Text A Tutor is easy to use. Once you purchase a text/credit you can simply type in your math question or take a picture of it and send it to use via email to textmathtutor@gmail.com. Once our tutors get the text they will respond with various steps on how to solve the problem and provide the answer. 

Text A Tutor is the most cost effective way of tutoring because no longer do you have to pay a tutor by the hour.  You can simply pay by the question!  We offer prices as low as
 $1 a question ... a way better rate than $20-40 an hour that some tutors and services offer!

NEW!!! This also works on all devices not just Android!

Subjects we tutor:
  • Pre-algebra 
  • Algebra 
  • Geometry 
  • Algebra 2 
  • Pre-calculus 
  • Trigonometry 
  • Statistics
  • Calculus 1
Not satisfied??? Let us know and we will refund your money! Guaranteed!

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Please read these policies so we can serve you best!

Text A Tutor Policies:

  • You MUST have texting through your phone provider to use this service or use a texting app like Text+
  • We answer math questions from Pre-Algebra to Calculus 1!  Statistics too!
  • You must first purchase texts/credits to use this service and then enter in the code!  Click the purchase texts button to go to our website!  It's super fast and easy to do using Google Checkout!  Just like buying an app! 
  • Please know our service is not automated.  We have real live tutors to help!
  • All tutors have degrees in mathematics and are currently employed as highly trained teachers.
  • Text A Tutor Hours are from noon to midnight (EST).  We have tutors available outside of these hours but by appointment only.  Text our service to let us know when you need help!
  • At times our tutors may be busy! Please be patient!  Our goal is to answer within 10 minutes during our open hours ... however times may vary depending on the type of response desired (ie: work, video, etc)!
  • Worked solutions and video responses are not always available.  It depends on our tutor's locations and available technology. 
  • Scheduled appointments have a minimum 5 credit charge!
  • We reserve the right to block anyone using our service.  We will block anyone who uses offensive or inappropriate language with our tutors. 
  • We do not condone cheating however we are unable to prevent it.  Please use our service appropriately. 

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