Project Overview

Goals of this project
  • provide students with meaningful course materials
    • that replace traditional textbooks
    • that are copyright compliant
    • that are ADA compliant
    • that are free of charge
The original call is attached with details of our agreement.

For assistance with resources, click on Ideas for Resources or consult your liaison.  A list of liaisons can be found on the subject specialists page of the library web site. 

In addition to the CSU Initiative for Affordable Learning Solutions, please take note of the College Open Textbook Collaborative.  If you go to their web page, you will see that it includes community colleges, four year universities, Rice University, Carnegie Mellon University, and many others.  We are not alone in our efforts to provide students with high quality materials for less or for free.

Fred Leavitt has informed us about Free The Textbook: Drive Textbook Costs Down and Quality Up, a 4-minute video on the flatworld knowledge website.  Click on the active link and scroll down to view the video.

Flatworld is also one of many listings on the Affordable Learning Solutions web site provided by California State University.  See for an extensive array of links to free course materials, free eTextbooks, Library Resources, and other wonderful tools.  They also have a tab for "Deploying Your ALS Initiative." 

If interested, you can join the Textbook Rebellion at The Textbook Rebellion is a national movement of students, faculty and organizations like Flat World Knowledge, Student PIRGs,, Rock the Vote and more working to raise awareness of textbook affordability solutions.

In addition, for this project, a blog has been established at  On that site, you'll find links to your alternative textbook creations.

Of course, I am also available to help you.  My contact information:

Aline Soules
University Libraries, LI 2139