We try to meet every odd month - sometimes a holiday falls and we adjust our meet date.


Our first meeting of the "new" Tex Mets

May 6 - 8, 2006

Jefferson, TX Pilgrimage


We toured Caddo Lake on the Graceful Ghost.  That's Karen Reed bundled up - it only got to the mid 60°'s that weekend.

The Tex Mets members at LaMaches Italian Restaurant Saturday night.  (l-r) Nick & Anne Harper, John & Mary Holstead, David Jones, Larry & Karen Reed and Gaines & Patricia Evans.


 Driving east on 175 to Crandall; following David Jones in his '60 'vert.


Four Mets present: (l - r)Harry Mannos, David Jones, Gaines Evans & Mary & John Holstead.




Diehard Metters David Jones, Harry Mannos and Gaines Evans bared the weather and went to the show anyway.


  It rained all morning and let up just in time for awards.


I think Harry and I cancelled each other out with twin yellow Mets...David won Best in Class.


Harry's dash shows he's not afraid to drive his Met.