Words of wisdom

 * Both attraction and aversion disturb the mind. Neutrally bearing both, the mind of the yogi remains tranquil.  From the (Ksama) one of the lesser known virtues of the niyamas.   Swami Kripalu.

 * What I believe has no bearing on what is true.

 * If you come seeking wisdom, bring an empty bowl.

 * A wise man sitting on the banks of the river Ganges noticed a scorpion drowning in a pool at his feet. He reached down and rescued the creature only to be stung on the hand. A moment later the scorpion was struggling again in the pool, he again rescued the scorpion and again was stung. A passer by observed this and ask." Why do you continue to rescue the scorpion knowing that you will be stung" The wise man replied." It is the nature of the scorpion to sting, and it is the nature of man to forgive.  

 * Whenever possible the yogi walks barefoot in the earth, digs in the garden, lies on the ground, breathes deeply of the pure air and lets it flow on his skin, lies in the sunlight and eats the foods nourished by the sun and freely drinks and bathes in it's pure waters. 
"The Practice of yoga" as taught in the east and west. (1957)

* Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger.  (James 1:19) 

* He who thinks only good thoughts, speaks only good words and performs only good actions. Will soon become incapable of doing evil.  (Swami Vivekananda)

* Yoga is a perfect evenness of mind (Gita 2:47) 
* There is no cause to worry. whether things go well or ill, devote yourself to the disciplines of yoga,    
   for yoga is skill in action.  (Gita 2:49)