Is a Sanskrit word that means a gathering of truth seekers. Sitting with a teacher to receive knowledge. It's an opportunity to bring focus to your yoga practice and quiet the chatter of the mind.

  Join us at the 81st street location for Satsang on Friday morning at 7:45.  The morning asana session starts at 8:30.

 * Please respect those around you, by entering the Satsang in silence.



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                                      ● Mat Size:  28” x 76” x 6.5mm thick
                                      ● Weight:  7 pounds 4 ounces
● Mat Material:  Dual Layered. Polyurethane/Natural Rubber. PVC Free.
● Due to the unique craftsmanship, there may be slight variances in weight and color
● Assembled in the USA. Made in China.


                                            ● Includes carry strap.

                                            ● Wider/Longer/Thicker

                                            ● Thick construction for comfort and joint protection

                                            ● Provides stability on all surface types

                                            ● Superior wear and longevity

                                            ● Excellent traction

                                            ● High performance


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